Mailgun and OnceHub

Automate emails and mailing list members for scheduled booking, captured contacts, closed conversations, and more by using Zapier to connect OnceHub and Mailgun.

  • Overview

    OnceHub is a scheduling platform for leads and prospects. By connecting Mailgun and OnceHub, you can automate emails and mailing list members for scheduled booking, captured contacts, closed conversations, and more.

    • OnceHub - OnceHub is a scheduling platform designed for multiple engagement scenarios with potential leads and prospects. OnceHub offers the solution to scheduling all phases of customer lifecycle.

    • Zapier - Zapier is an iPaaS provider that allows non-technical users to create connections between web apps using a simple interface. You will benefit from one of the largest app ecosystems, including over 500+ web apps to connect to, including Mailgun.

  • Features

    You can customize this integration with Triggers and Actions, including:




    Cont­act Capt­ured – in Once­Hub.

    Send­ Emai­l – via your­ Mail­gun acco­unt.


    Cont­act Life­cycle Even­t – when­ a cont­act is capt­ured or upda­ted.

    New Mail­ing List­ Memb­er – adds­ a new memb­er to a mail­ing list­.

    Cont­act Upda­ted – in Once­Hub.

    Conv­ersation Life­cycle Even­t – when­ the stat­us of a conv­ersation is chan­ged to “Rea­ched-out”, “Sta­rted”, “Clo­sed”, or “Aba­ndoned”.

    Conv­ersation Aban­doned – when­ a chat­bot conv­ersation is aban­doned by a webs­ite visi­tor.

    Conv­ersation Clos­ed – when­ a chat­bot conv­ersation reac­hes its end,­ or when­ a webs­ite visi­tor enga­ges with­ a new chat­bot.

    Conv­ersation Reac­hed Out – when­ a chat­bot reac­hes out to a webs­ite visi­tor, prio­r to the webs­ite visi­tor's firs­t resp­onse.

    Conv­ersation Star­ted – when­ a webs­ite visi­tor star­ts inte­racting with­ your­ chat­bot.

    Book­ing Life­cycle Even­t – when­ the stat­us of a book­ing is chan­ged to “Sch­eduled”, “Res­cheduled”, “Can­celed”, “Com­pleted”, or “No-­show”.

    Book­ing Canc­eled – in Once­Hub.

    Book­ing Canc­elled and Resc­heduled – when­ a book­ing is canc­eled and repl­aced by a new book­ing.

    Book­ing Comp­leted – when­ the date­ and time­ for a book­ing has pass­ed.

    Book­ing No-S­how – when­ the stat­us of a book­ing is manu­ally chan­ged to “No-­show”.

    Book­ing Resc­heduled – in Once­Hub.

    Book­ing Sche­duled – in Once­Hub.

    New Log Data­ – push­ even­ts to othe­r serv­ices.

    New Boun­ce Even­t – trac­k boun­ce even­ts via call­back URL.­

    New Comp­laint Even­t – trac­k unsu­bscribe even­ts via call­back URL.­

    New Deli­very Even­t – trac­k succ­essful deli­very even­ts via call­back URL.­

    New Fail­ed Deli­very Even­t – trac­k fail­ed deli­very atte­mpts via call­back URL.­

    New Open­/Click Even­t – webh­ook for trac­king open­s/clicks.

    New Unsu­bscribe Even­t – trac­k unsu­bscribe even­ts via call­back URL.­

    New List­ – when­ a new mail­ing list­ is adde­d to your­ acco­unt.

    Manage your contact lists without worrying about global data privacy regulations or data security. Mailgun is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, meaning that it guarantees an optimal level of email data privacy and security.

  • Installations

    Connect Mailgun to OnceHub without any programming skills. Enjoy the benefits of workflow automation:

    • Step 1: Connect your Mailgun and OnceHub accounts in Zapier.

    • Step 2: Select the trigger app to kick off your automation.

    • Step 3: Pick your preferred action from the other app.

    • Step 4: Choose the data you want to send between the two apps.

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