Email Explained: What’s Strategic Engagement?

Understanding the subtler points of email can be confusing, but we want to give you some clarity with Email Explained. In this series, we’ll be covering some common questions senders ask us in a way that helps anybody learn — a big whiteboard. We’ve picked some of our best Mailgunners to make sense of these questions. To begin we chose Travis, one of our Technical Account Managers over here at Mailgun, to explain why you should consider strategic engagement for your sending strategy.

4 Personalization Tricks To Improve Your Email Results

Join Mailgun and Ongage as we team up to bring you personalization tricks to improve your email results.

Predictions & Resolutions: Sending In 2019

Mailgun’s resident Deliverability Engineer and our Content Marketer review our 2019 predictions and a little bit about what we got right and wrong in 2018.

ECommerce: Preparation For Holiday Campaigns

The Holidays are right around the corner – so preparation starts now. In E-commerce, it’s ideal to have several practices in place before your Holiday email campaigns ramp up.

Sending Self-Esteem

Poor sending leads to poor email self-esteem, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In our first session, a real email dives deep into what’s making them feel like junk.

Tales Of Terror From The Email Void

With her next email marketing campaign around the corner, Miss Liz is eager to have the best strategy possible for Meowgun. Little does she know how much worse her problem will become once she purchases an email list.

Email Validation – What Is It?

Email Validation – What is it? One of our Technical Account Managers goes into detail about what our validation tool can do for you.

Email Validation 101: What Goes Into An Email Address?

Domain errors are the most common typo you can expect in an email address, but what about the user name portion? Nick and JT explain how role based addresses and username guidelines put in place by ISPs can have an impact on whether an email address is valid and will pass email verification checks.

Email Validation 101: Prevent User Errors On Sign Up Forms

Keeping your distro list clean starts at the source of your customer journey. Even a small mistake like a typo can affect the quality of the email addresses on your list. In this video, Nick and JT cover exactly what can go wrong with sign ups on your forms, and how email validation can work with captcha to keep bad addresses away from your email lists.

Email Validation 101: The Hidden Risks Of Sending To Old Lists

Getting your email messages to your target audience starts with a clean email list. But what exactly should you be checking for in your list, and how can email validation help? In this video, JT and Nick cover the top things ISPs look for when deciding if they will deliver your messages to the inbox.

We Have A New Region In Europe, Y’all!

We are excited to share that Mailgun has a new regional footprint in the European Union (EU). You’re probably wondering: what’s so groundbreaking about having a region available in Europe? Will it change the face of humanity?

Best Practices For 2018 Emails

We all want better deliverability, but there are a few small things you need in place in order to achieve it. Ongage and Mailgun teamed up to bring you this awesome webinar. Featuring our deliverability expert Nick Schafer and Danny Tal of Ongage.

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