Introducing View Time Optimization

You’re talking, but are they listening? The world of email is highly competitive, and if your email isn’t in the top spot of the inbox – your emails are hardly read. Mailgun is proud to partner with Verizon Media in offering View Time Optimization (VTO), an email solution that prioritizes your emails in Verizon Media mailboxes.


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Increase Engagement

The top of the inbox is a competitive spot, and senders across the globe are competing against each other to have it. While lucrative, it’s hard to stand out against a sea of other senders in an inbox, especially considering the email landscape today:

  • 87% of email is commercial
  • 67% of users mark irrelevant mail as spam
  • 55% of users ignore email from retailers

All of that adds up to decreasing engagement rates across the board, but VTO aims to change that. With Verizon Media’s proprietary technology, VTO places your email at the top of the inbox when your recipient is actively engaging with it. Once scheduled through Mailgun and Verizon Media, your campaign will run at an optimized send time to different Verizon Media addresses like Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon.

Customers involved in initial VTO campaigns saw incredible improvements, with open rates increasing by 4x and click through rates by 2x.

Burst Sending

Partner With Mailgun

At Mailgun, we pride ourselves on always staying on the forefront of email innovations. That's why we're excited to offer VTO through our partnership with Verizon Media. VTO is a service exclusive to customers in our Deliverability Services program.

Deliverability Services Overview:

  • Access to special programs, like VTO.
  • A dedicated deliverability expert monitoring your email campaigns and reputation 24/7.
  • A customized deliverability strategy, tailored to meet your specific goals.
  • Specialized Delivery, Support, and Throughput SLAs.

Email is complicated, and it’s hard to stay on top of your business when you’re fixing deliverability issues. Setting yourself for success in the email space is business critical, otherwise you run the risk of losing business and decreasing your overall email ROI.

With Mailgun’s Deliverability Service, your email program will be built on industry best practice and world-class infrastructure – putting you above the competition. Our email experts have partnered with brands like Lyft, Shopify, and Reddit to improve their email performance, and we'd love to see how we can take your email program to the next level.


Other Great Offerings of Deliverability Services

  • 1

    Deliverability and recipient engagement management

    Optimize for higher opens and clicks in collaboration with an email expert assigned to your account

  • 2

    Managed IP warmup

    Ensure the health of your IPs by customizing your warm up plan to your specific needs.

  • 3

    Sending infrastructure consulting

    Enjoy a constant feedback loop between your TAM, Mailgun developers, and your team with infrastructure consulting.

  • 4

    Custom reverse DNS on all your IPs, if requested

    Achieve the ideal domain and IP setup that will set you up for a stronger sending reputation.

  • 5

    IP Reputation Management

    We will work closely with you to build a plan to ensure your IPs are in good standing with mailbox providers.

  • 6

    Monitoring of your email program

    Get the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated expert monitoring your email sending for any hiccups.

  • 7

    Email tracking and testing consulting

    Get expert advice on what your open rate, click rate, and other metrics really mean so you can optimize your performance.

  • 8

    Email Reputation and Deliverability Reports

    Measure your progress and success with monthly reports and quarterly business reviews with your Technical Account Manager.