Always know everything about your email

Detailed, searchable logs & stats

The moment Mailgun accepts your message to send, we track everything that happens to it and expose this information through our control panel and Events API.

Mailgun webhooks

Webhooks: Real time notifications for your app

You don’t have to come to Mailgun to find out what’s happening to your email. We’ll find you.

Set up webhooks and receive real-time notifications for everything that is going on with your email.

Our webhooks are RESTful and allow you to take advantage of the native routing and proxy features of your favorite framework.

Easily tag emails for segmentation

Tags let you set up simple and powerful segmentation for your emails. You can create simple A/B tests, or do deeper cohort analysis.

If you also use webhooks, your tags are automatically encoded into the webhook which makes tying email back to your data a breeze.

Out-of-the-box analytics

Mailgun lets you get as granular as you want with your emails, but we also provide a bunch of out-of-the-boxes reports that let you find out what is going on with your email, without any extra work.

Other great features of Mailgun Analytics

  • Unsubscribe tracking
  • Open & Click tracking
  • Geolocation data on recipients
  • Email client and device tracking
  • Top performing links

Your app with email in minutes

Our API makes integrating real email quick & easy.

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