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Email service providers don’t have to battle the elements to deliver their messages to mailbox providers, but that doesn’t mean email deliverability is easy. According to a 2017 report from Litmus, one-third of marketers have had email deliverability issues, with their email campaigns blocked by major ISPs on at least one occasion. Whether languishing in a spam folder or throttled by a mailbox provider, email marketing messages that never reach customers carry a heavy opportunity cost.

How can you avoid deliverability issues? Pay attention to ISP feedback loops, protect your reputation with email address validation and a dedicated IP address, and send a test email campaign to a seed list before sending to your entire email list. You’ll find more email marketing best practices in our guide to best practices for email marketers.

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Email deliverability solutions

Email deliverability can never be guaranteed, but with quality content, a strong domain reputation, a good IP reputation, and proper email-sending practices, you can reduce deliverability issues and maximize your email deliverability odds.

And by choosing a partner like Mailgun that brings together comprehensive deliverability features to protect your sender score, you’ll be able to boost delivery rates and optimize inbox placement across your entire list.

A few solutions we offer to optimize your email delivery rates and keep your messages out of the spam folder include:

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Email authentication & email address verification

With Mailgun, you can easily follow proper email authentication protocols, using SPF and DKIM records to verify your sending domain and make sure you send emails from you. Mailgun also helps you maintain the health of your list with email verification services to check that email addresses actually exist across major mailbox providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft. This means you can avoid hard bounces and improve your delivery rates.

Infrastructure that protects your sender reputation

ISPs look at both your domain reputation and your IP reputation to decide whether to deliver your email marketing campaigns and transactional emails. With Mailgun’s shared and dedicated IP environments, you can maximize your delivery rates and build a strong sender reputation.

Mailgun consistently monitors shared IP addresses and takes proactive measures to ensure bad senders don’t prevent your quality emails from reaching inboxes. And with dedicated IP addresses available, you can isolate your sending from other customers and protect your email reputation. This offers the best chance of getting your transactional and marketing email past the spam filter. You also use your own domains, which helps you build up a domain reputation.

Learn how to check your email reputation to maximize your email deliverability.

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Managed deliverability services

Get expert help improving your email deliverability with our managed deliverability services. Our team of dedicated technical account managers will work with you to provide API support, IP and domain reputation management, ongoing consulting, and proactive monitoring of your email program.


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