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Email delivery depends on your email reputation. That’s why it’s important to check your sender reputation regularly and choose an email service provider focused on deliverability.

Why sender reputation matters

You’ve spent endless hours crafting a killer email marketing campaign and months building up your mailing list of current and potential customers. Your email delivery will take care of itself, right? Not so fast.

When it comes to getting your email message into someone’s inbox, internet service providers and mailbox providers don’t care about the cleverness of your campaign or even the enthusiasm with which a customer joins your mailing list. Email delivery depends on your email reputation – and knowing that score can mean the difference between great inbox placement or languishing in a spam folder.

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The factors of a strong sender score

Just like a personal credit score boils a bunch of financial info about you into one number that signals to lenders how responsible you are, a sender score signals to internet service providers and mailbox providers the likelihood that your email messages are legit.

Is your IP address brand new without much of an IP reputation attached? Your sender score will start out a bit lower, because you have less history to bank on.

Unleash an email program that generates a ton of spam complaints? Your score will dip, and more of your email messages will get snagged by spam filters.

Working with a shoddy email list, clogged with hard bounces and bad info? Low deliverability rates could drag down your rep.

Have an IP address that’s warming up and paced delivery rates, thanks to a savvy third-party email sender? Your domain reputation will warm as well, with more email messages making it through to recipient inboxes.

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From data points to action plans

Building a solid reputation score doesn’t happen overnight, which is all the more reason to check your sender score reports periodically and correct course when you notice any dips. If you’re using an email service provider to handle your email messages, you’re already a step ahead: Mailgun’s Managed Services, for instance, will proactively monitor your web reputation and offer concrete tactics to protect or improve your good reputation. Sometimes that’s a one-and-done solution, like adjusting the send infrastructure. And sometimes it’s an ongoing fix, like tweaking your email campaigns’ subject lines and maintaining your email list to avoid common spam traps. Those small changes can make a big impact.


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Greater email deliverability means reaching more of the email addresses on your mailing list and, ultimately, creating a bigger impact with your email marketing. A good reputation never felt so great!

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