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Golang’s Superior Cache Solution to Memcached and Redis

To combat this concurrent work, you would need a system to synchronize fetching or rendering of the data. Fortunately, there is a golang library called groupcache which can be used to resolve the thundering herd issue and improve on the remote cache implications mentioned above.

Derrick Wippler
10 min read
  • For devs

HTTP/2 Cleartext (H2C) Client Example in Go

Since my internet foo failed me, and the only workable example of an H2C client I can find was in the actual go test suite, I’m going to lay out what I discovered about H2C support in golang here.

Derrick Wippler
3 min read
  • For devs

How we built a Lucene-inspired parser in Go

At Mailgun we have numerous systems generating a ton of events every hour of the day. It’s a number so large that it’s impossible for a team of people to sort through ElasticSearch results and expect consistent results or for the team to maintain their sanity.

Matthew Dietz
14 min read
  • For devs

Delivering HTML Emails With Mailgun-Go

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how you can send HTML emails with embedded images with mailgun-go. Before we dive into the code, lets first define the problem space and how we can use Mailgun to enhance the user experience of our application.

Derrick Wippler
6 min read
  • For devs

What Toasters And Distributed Systems Might Have In Common

A few months ago we released automatic IP Warm Up, but we never got to talk about how it’s implemented. Today, we’re going to peek under the hood and try to understand what makes our IP warm up tick. We’re going to start with some context, and then we’ll dive into the interesting technical details later in the post.

Anton Efimenko
15 min read
  • For devs

Introducing A Cross-Platform Debugger For Go

We use Go for a lot of our server development here at Mailgun, and it’s great. Coming from Python, though, there is one thing I really missed:

Mailgun Team
5 min read
  • What's new

The Official Go SDK, Available Now

Today, we’re happy to announce the general availability of our Mailgun-Go SDK. Now you can send messages through Mailgun using Go! Mailgun-Go allows you to easily interact with our API by greatly reducing the amount of boiler-plate code you need to maintain.

Mailgun Team
2 min read

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