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How To Avoid Emails Going To Spam

No matter how many stars we wish on, some questions will never have simple answers — including email. One of the biggest problems for any email provider is how to avoid emails going to spam. Your deliverability is key, and it can feel like Inbox Service Providers (ISPs) have a vested interest in keeping you out of the popular clique. Before you panic, remember that landing in the spam folder is something that can be repaired.

Jonathan Torres
7 min read
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Spam Traps: What You Should Know

Adam Rollins graduated from Texas State University’s Honors College with a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. He has worked, since then, for a variety of companies, providing quality blog posts, articles, and e-books on a regular basis.

Adam Rollins
7 min read
  • Security

Internet Security – Defending Against Spam

Did you know that an overwhelming majority of the email going around the interwebs each day is spam? You may ask yourself, “Why do people spam?” The short answer is, it’s lucrative.

Nick Schafer
9 min read
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Caught In A Phishing Line – What We Do And How You Can Protect Yourself

We’re not going to beat around the bush – phishing sucks. It sucks to fall for a phishing attempt, and it sucks to have phishers pose as you. We can go on and on about how to protect yourself from phishing (and don’t worry, we will by the end of this post), but we stopped and thought – have we ever talked about how phishing happens from our perspective?

Natalie Hays
5 min read
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Weekly Product Update: Improved Reputation System Makes Life Hard On Spammers

This week we’ve rolled out a significant improvement to our reputation algorithm, affectionately known to the Mailgunners as Razor.

Mailgun Team
4 min read
  • Security

Inside The Seedy Underworld Of Spammers And Phishers

This week we announced some improvements to our reputation algorithm which helps us fight spam while still welcoming new customers without setting arbitrary sending limits.

Mailgun Team
9 min read
  • Email DIY

Tips & Tricks: Avoiding Gmail Spam Filtering When Using Ruby On Rails Action Mailer

It has become clear from our support logs that a lot of developers use Action Mailer to send emails. If you are one of these developers you should know that there is one issue that we have seen repeatedly which will cause your emails to get filtered as spam by Gmail: malformed message-ID. This also may occur with other libraries but we see this issue mostly with Action Mailer.

Mailgun Team
2 min read

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