Case Studies Growing Fast and Growing Smart with Mailgun

How used the Mailgun Email API to surpass their competition: Here at Pathwire, we always say that our platform is built “API-first”, which means that we do all that we can to make Mailgun’s platform easy to integrate...

Growing Digital Storefronts with Mailgun and Drupal

DevBranch is not a traditional digital agency. As they are specifically known for their Drupal expertise, agencies hire them to serve as Drupal developers on complex, technical projects.

Optimizing data privacy for scalable and secure email programs with Mailgun by Pathwire and Transcend

Patreon uses Mailgun to help manage email communications for their immense, online universe of creators and patrons. Mailgun handles all of Patreon’s transactional emails, which amounts to millions of password resets, receipts and new follower alerts a month. Patreon also partners with Transcend, a data privacy engineering company, to ensure robust data controls on data subject access and deletion requests.

Marketing Automation at Scale: + Mailgun

When, an automated messaging platform, ran into scaling issues with their Email Service Provider (ESP), it felt like they were trying to run a race car on vegetable oil. They knew they were never going to be able to fuel their rapidly growing company if they couldn’t find an ESP with more horsepower. Luckily, they found Mailgun, an ESP that could keep up with their explosive growth. When the technical teams at and Mailgun came together, they built a platform capable of supporting senders with dozens of domains that needed to send millions of emails a day. We sat down with John Alison, co-founder of, to unpack what the journey to this solution looked like.

How Cinemark utilized Mailgun to streamline their customer service experience

Cinemark was able to utilize Mailgun's Email Validation API to provide real-time corrections on misspelled email addresses, allowing Cinemark users to select the correct email, rather than submitting one that doesn't exist.

Mailgun + Dovetail: A Recipe For Rapid Growth

Dovetail is not your typical software agency. They don’t specialize in marketing strategy, Salesforce integrations, or creative design-- they specialize in building ambitious fast-growing companies. Dovetail seeks out smaller startups and scaleups who, usually due to a recent round of funding, are ready to take their product to the next level. The Dovetail team of engineers, designers and growth hackers then assist the client in building out a product and engineering practice, allowing the client to focus on sales, marketing and growing their business.

Embracing Growth - The Omnisend Story

Omnisend needed to find a new solution that provided a seamless enduser experience. They needed to be more than just another end-user of an email platform; they needed a partner. Find out why they choose Mailgun.

How Dribbble Improved Connection & Scalable Sending With Mailgun

As the largest designer-oriented jobs community, Dribbble enables designers to display and share their work with peers and companies alike. As their community grew, Dribbble needed an email solution that would allow them to scale without any delays or outages. The Dribbble story is a relatable one for any modern business. By learning about their onboarding experience, you can rest assured that the improvements are worth the development time and transition process.

Sending Millions Of Job Alerts 24/7 With The Mailgun Email API

Transactional marketing emails are an important part of everyday business, and when done correctly they can even bring people closer to their dream job.

Bringing Professionals Closer To Their Dream Job With Transactional Email

For a global job site like Quantum Response Network, sustaining high email throughput and generating return traffic to their websites is an important measure of success and profitability.

Finding The Perfect Match Through Email Marketing

In a saturated space like the online dating market, it’s not just about swiping left to find the right match.

Creating a Better User Experience with Email and Validations

Today, Flipsnack supports over two million active creators in making the best possible online catalogs, portfolios, magazines, and more from scratch or by uploading a PDF. After migrating to Mailgun, Flipsnack saw an overall increase in both their IP and domain reputation, all thanks to their sending strategy and dedicated IP.

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