Case Studies

Sending Millions Of Job Alerts 24/7 With The Mailgun Email API

Transactional marketing emails are an important part of everyday business, and when done correctly they can even bring people closer to their dream job.

Bringing Professionals Closer To Their Dream Job With Transactional Email

For a global job site like Quantum Response Network, sustaining high email throughput and generating return traffic to their websites is an important measure of success and profitability.

Finding The Perfect Match Through Email Marketing

In a saturated space like the online dating market, it’s not just about swiping left to find the right match.

Creating a Better User Experience with Email and Validations

Today, Flipsnack supports over two million active creators in making the best possible online catalogs, portfolios, magazines, and more from scratch or by uploading a PDF. After migrating to Mailgun, Flipsnack saw an overall increase in both their IP and domain reputation, all thanks to their sending strategy and dedicated IP.

How Zapier Uses Mailgun To Send Emails

We hosted a Google Hangout yesterday featuring Mailgun customer, Zapier. In this hangout, Joe Stych from Zapier, showcased how they use Mailgun to send both their transactional and marketing emails as well as covered some email best practices they abide by.

Causes Sees 20% Increase In Clicks With Mailgun

We love to hear great stories from our customers. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the email automation engine behind such a great cause, well many causes that is. Mailgun customer, Causes,

How UserVoice Solved Their Incoming Email Problem

This post was written by Jonathan Novak, Head of Engineering at UserVoice, where he just celebrated his 3rd year at the company. UserVoice is a complete solution for managing user engagement, feedback, helpdesk requests, and knowledge bases. Over 120,000+ organizations in over 170 countries use it to listen to their users’ voices.

How Ruby-Based Vero Uses Mailgun’s Campaign Analytics API To Deliver And Track Personalized And Scalable Marketing Campaigns

I’m Chris, one of the co-founders of Vero. We’re an email remarketing company: we make it easy for online businesses to track exactly what their customers do and turn these behaviors into emails that drive real conversions.

How Geogram Built A Free Group Email Service Using Yii For PHP With MySQL

This post was written by Jeff Reifman. Jeff is technology consultant and writer living in Seattle. He is also the CEO and lead developer of Geogram, a free group email service for local places. You can follow him at @reifman.

Behind The Scene At Jungle Disk: Reliable Email Communications With Mailgun

At Jungle Disk we provide data security to protect businesses from accidents and attacks by defending their networks and backing up their data. As a SaaS business, one of our primary communication channels with our customers is over email and deliverability matters which is why we use Mailgun with multiple unique IP addresses and individual email sending sub-domains for different activities.

How Kanban2go Fulfills Zawinski’s Law

This customer blog post is written by Damon Cali. Damon is the owner of Ninth Yard, the makers of TrackJumper, a simple web-based bug tracking application. He is also the lead web developer for kanban2go.

How Ruby-Based DNSimple Uses Mailgun’s API To Create & Configure Domains For Email Forwarding

This post is written by Anthoy Eden, founder and developer, at DNSimple. DNSimple is the hassle-free way to manage all of your domains in a single place without having to click through 10 screens of upsells to complete a simple purchase.

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