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Looking for a transactional email service that will grow your business, and grow with your business? Need an email service that you can trust to deliver stellar performance on your email marketing campaigns? Developers and marketing teams alike deserve tools that don’t just give a nice looking editor or interface and automate certain tasks; the best platforms offer products and services that optimize email deliverability in a variety of ways. Mailgun’s email services give you all the tools you need to optimize your email programs. When considering an investment in Mailgun or other alternatives, make sure you look for these critical solutions.

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Increase Delivery Rates with Real-Time Email Validation

Email validation ensures that you build a good reputation, maintain a clean contact database, and helps improve delivery rates. But many validation services only validate based on the RFC spec. At Mailgun we’ve analyzed billions of sent emails and built our validator based on real-world data and the RFC spec to ensure more accurate validation.

Strong validation services also include grammar and typo rules, to make sure visitors don’t accidentally include typos (“”) or use incorrect grammar rules (“”); and don’t allow visitors to input role-based addresses or disposable email domains.

We’re so confident in our validation API, that Mailgun customers receive 100 validations and 10,000 emails free every month.

Real-Time Email Validation

Easily Integrate Email Into Your App

Developers want email marketing software that they can build into their app, with the flexibility to build it in a way that works best for their team. Platforms such as Mailchimp or Amazon SES are not developer-friendly, and restrict what you can do and how to do it. With Mailgun, you can send transactional email or bulk marketing emails from your application effortlessly with our SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API.

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Rapid Fire Throughput

Know Whether Your Emails Are Getting Results

When it comes to managing transactional or triggered emails, or other time-sensitive email messages, you can’t second-guess whether or not your email delivery platform can manage the amount of emails you need to send. If you have Mandrill, a MailChimp account, or are considering a move from another transactional email service, look for guarantees in high-volume email sending.

With Mailgun, our Rapid Fire Throughput SLA enables you to confidently send emails in bursts at specific times or get high volume messages out to your list around the clock. We also offer different performance tiers tailored to meet your needs and guarantee prompt delivery attempts of up to 250,000 messages per minute (15 million messages per hour).

Email Experts Available to Help When You Need It

Email automation tools should be easy enough to use that you can build and manage your own email marketing and transactional email programs. But to continually optimize performance and learn how to improve, having direct one-to-one conversations with an expert through managed services can be really valuable. Many Mailgun alternatives choose not to offer these useful services to their customers. Mailgun’s Managed Service comes with a 24/7 direct client support team. And as a customer, you’re paired with a dedicated technical account manager who’s ready to strategize with you on anything from managing a dedicated IP, to webhooks, to discussing how to send more emails/month, and more.

Expert Support

Choosing an Email Service You Can Rely On

With so many different message systems to choose from, deciding what is best for your developer and marketing teams can be daunting. Whether you’re looking at Mailgun or Mailgun alternatives, make sure you look for a platform that can offer you a full suite of email capabilities, including building transactional messages and email marketing messages directly into your app, to real-time validation, high volume infrastructure, and more. Mailgun’s focus on email deliverability helps small businesses and large enterprises alike build strong email programs and deliver great results.

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