Mailjet Alternatives for Email Automation

Good email marketing software requires more than just email editors, email templates, and simple email services. Optimizing email delivery requires a platform that looks at all of the ways that you can grow and maintain strong email lists, deliver high performing marketing or transactional messages, and not only provide analytics, but thoughtful insights that help you improve performance. When considering Mailjet alternatives such as Mailgun for your email services, make sure you look for certain critical features and capabilities.

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Boost Reputation and Delivery Rates with Real-Time Email Validation

Email validation is an important capability for any email service, and should not be overlooked. Yet Mailjet alternatives such as SendinBlue, Amazon SES, or MailChimp do not offer this invaluable service. Validation capabilities can include automated grammar and typo rules to make sure your visitors don’t accidentally fill your forms with something like “”, disallowing grammar requirements such as “” that are specific to each email service provider, or not allowing visitors to fill in role- or team-based email addresses that will result in a bounce. These capabilities not only help you maintain a clean database, but help build a good email reputation and boost delivery rates. As a Mailjet alternative, we’re so confident in our validation API at Mailgun that customers receive 100 validations and 10,000 emails free every month.

Real-Time Email Validation

Integration Email Into Your App is Easy, Easy, Easy

Top third party review sites provide insight into how easy or difficult it is to use marketing tools, and as a Mailjet alternative, Mailgun performs the highest. Even if you don’t have your own SMTP server, our flexible tools enable you to build email into your app the way you want to. With Mailgun, you can send transactional email or marketing emails from your application effortlessly with our SMTP relay and flexible HTTP API, and is easier than other alternatives to set up and manage.

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Email Logs

Track and Troubleshoot with Email Logs

If you want to confirm email delivery or look into a potential issue, you should have tools that enable you to investigate and find a solution immediately. Some Mailjet alternatives such as Amazon or Mandrill do not provide access to what could potentially be critical information that you may need after you send emails. The best marketing softwares log and index every action taken on your message, allowing you to understand exactly what happened. With Mailgun, you can find messages by recipient, subject, tag, and more, and quickly find irregularities. And logs may be retained for up to 30 days so that you have plenty of time to go back and troubleshoot or trend your email deliverability.

Access to Experts through Managed Email Services

Email automation tools should be easy enough to use that you can build and manage your own email marketing and transactional email programs. But to continually optimize performance and learn how to improve, having direct one-to-one conversations with an expert through managed services can be invaluable. Many Mailjet alternatives choose not to offer these useful services to their customers. Mailgun’s Managed Service comes with a 24/7 direct line to an email expert, with live chat and slack options available. And as a customer, you’re paired with a dedicated technical account manager who’s ready to strategize with you about anything – from how to set up your first transactional email service to marketing automation best practices and how to ensure a higher open rate on your next email campaign.

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Choosing An Email Automation Service

Whether you’re building email into your mobile app for the first time, or looking to uplevel your email marketing campaigns, finding the right marketing software can be tough. When exploring Mailjet alternatives, there are some key features and capabilities that should not be overlooked or settled on. To fundamentally improve your email delivery rates for marketing or transactional email, the platform you use needs to be easy to set up and manage, be able to validate your contact lists to automate your list management, provide complete logs with the history of your email sends, and more.

Mailgun’s focus on email deliverability helps developers and marketing teams build strong email programs and deliver great results. Our tiered plans offer 10,000 free emails each month and 100 email validations. Sign up or get started with a free trial today.

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