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Mailgun vs Validity - Who's better for email deliverability?

Don’t pay for an extraneous email deliverability platform. Mailgun has all the tools you need to hit the inbox.

Mailgun is the one-stop shop

Get more bang for your budget by using an email provider that packages email sending and deliverability products under a single roof, rather than utilizing a 3rd party like Validity to sit on-top of your ESP. Not only does Mailgun help consolidate your tech stack and optimize your business operations, our position as an ESP means we offer better consulting at a lower cost. Mailgun's history of sending billions of emails every month gives us unique data to provide you with the best email insights available. Our team of exprts will put together a custom plan to maximize your deliverability to the inbox, tailored to your specific problems and needs as a business.

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World-class email expertise

With Validity, you’re getting a ton of data, but how will you action on it? Because Mailgun is an ESP, we can actually see the email traffic flowing on our platform. This means we are better positioned to advise on deliverability strategy. We can provide you a dedicated point of contact who will guide you on your journey to the inbox. Don't settle for a provider that doesn't even send email. Learn how Mailgun has helped companies like Cinemark, Dribbble, and Omnisend improve their email performance.

The leading email validations product

See how Mailgun's email validations stack up against Validity.

An end-to-end email solution

Mailgun’s Email Sending Platform allows you to send your marketing and transactional email reliably and at scale. We offer unparalleled throughput and reliable infrastructure to get your messages to the inbox at exactly the right time. If you need to send a lot of emails at once, our Rapid Fire Email product guarantees 99% attempted delivery, backed by an SLA. Join the 150,000 companies across the globe who trust Mailgun with their email programs.

Email Routes turning into simple data

See what you can accomplish with the world's best email delivery platform.

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