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Validations Validations

Robust email delivery. Boost your deliverability with email validations and a dedicated IP to protect and isolate your reputation.


Powerful Sending Infrastructure

Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. Scale quickly, whether you need to send 10 or 10 million emails.

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Tracking and Analytics

Searchable logs mean you always know what is happening to your email while tags make it easy to A/B test and report on your data, and all via our webhooks.

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Intelligent Inbound Routing & Storage

Route and forward email directly into your app or inbox. Email parsing turns your emails into easy-to-digest structured data and spam filtering keeps out unwanted emails.

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Email Validation

Want more opens and clicks? Advanced email validation makes sure you have real people on your list, and our jQuery plugin enables you to integrate it into your web forms fast.

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Managed email delivery for high volume senders

Sending 10s of millions of emails a month requires an extra level of diligence to ensure you maintain a positive sending reputation. Let us help you get more emails delivered, customized to your needs.

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