Causes Sees 20% Increase in Clicks with Mailgun

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We love to hear great stories from our customers. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the email automation engine behind such a great cause, well many causes that is. Mailgun customer, Causes, is a San Francisco-based tech company recently acquired by Brigade that provides people with the platform and tools to make the world a better place. Over the past seven years, 186 million registered users in 156 countries have discovered, supported and organized campaigns about the issues that impact them and their communities.

Email is the primary source of communication with their users. When you think of that many users and campaigns, you can imagine that their email program is pretty complex. We had the opportunity to catch up with Seth Weisfeld, Director of CRM & Acquisition Marketing at Brigade, to understand more about their journey on finding the email solution that best fit their needs.

Not Satisfied with Deliverability

Causes was using a complicated series of internal powerMTA clusters to manage their outbound mail, DKIM signing, and inbound complaint processing. They were sending over 30 million emails per month but weren’t satisfied with the number of recipients reached. Their email-sending environment became onerous to manage and required a senior DevOps engineer to work daily to keep the system running. Modifications to their email sending required lengthy change cycles that would inevitably break something.

They were in need of a scalable solution that allowed them the ability to experiment with new sending strategies and make changes quickly. They started a 2-month RFP process comparing every major SMTP provider in the space. After 2 months, Causes chose Mailgun for our managed email service that provided them an opportunity to customize an email delivery plan tailored to their needs, which they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Customized Email Delivery Plan

Causes was one of the first customers to take advantage of Mailgun’s new managed email service. Our Mailgun experts worked directly with the Causes team to craft a cutting-edge email segmentation strategy and continue to be readily available for the day-to-day email support needs.

We’ve been pleased with our Mailgun experience. During implementation the Mailgun team was responsive 24/7 to our engineers as they integrated our systems. Mailgun also took our feedback and quickly improved support for our specific sending patterns. The seamless implementation of new domains has eased the workload on our engineering team and allows me to expedite our team’s work. Finally, I love that we can easily verify our logs against what Mailgun is tracking via their website or APIs,” says Seth.

Our managed email service plan includes a customized email delivery plan, proactive reputation management and an analysis of your email performance. You can learn more here:

Increase in User Engagement Rates

After the transition to Mailgun, Causes saw a direct impact on their email deliverability with an increase in user engagement rates. In particular, they saw a 20% increase in clicks. After implementing Mailgun and their new email segmentation strategy they rarely saw a sendscore drop below 80 and most stay above 90.

Modified on: March 13, 2019

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