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Mailgun Acquires Mailjet: Two Brands Working Together to Build Better Email

William Conway
5 min read

When Mailgun started nearly 10 years ago, it seemed obvious to us that email APIs could help developers connect with customers and build their apps more quickly. But in those days, most email services were focused on simple newsletters and marketing campaigns. Our founders felt the pain of having to integrate email into an app first-hand, and that’s why they built Mailgun.

A decade later, there are still surprisingly few companies building and maintaining email APIs. One company that we’ve been watching through the years is Mailjet, an email solution based in Europe. With offices across numerous countries, they’ve grown to over 130,000 active accounts with one goal in mind: making email more collaborative for marketing and development teams and more accessible for international companies. 

Their intuitive drag-and-drop email template editor alongside their international, multilingual approach has empowered companies like Honeywell and Product Hunt to streamline their email automation. They’ve put in a lot of hard work, and it’s clear in the products that they offer their customers.

All of this to say, I am thrilled to announce today that Mailgun has acquired Mailjet. In this acquisition, we’ll be enhancing both product offerings to better serve developers and marketers alike on a global basis.

Choosing the right email solution for your team

Mailgun has and always will be built with the developer in mind. Our tools are created for the technically progressive company – we want our customers to have the best chance of landing in the right inbox at the right time through clean email lists, reliable email delivery, and advanced tools for better insights into your deliverability. These capabilities as well as our robust sending infrastructure make for one of the most flexible and powerful APIs in the market.

While also supplying an email API for developers, Mailjet’s biggest strength lies in the tools it provides marketers. They believe in creating a user experience that takes the pain out of crafting email. This belief has led them to develop world-class email marketing tools that thrive on collaboration, allowing teams to seamlessly edit templates and designs together in real time. 

By adding Mailjet to the Mailgun family, we’re giving teams more choice in the tools they use to support the way that they want to manage their email needs. 

We’ll continue to maintain separate brands, develop new products for each brand, and enhance our existing offerings. As a Mailgun customer, you aren’t likely to notice any change, except for new features and functionality coming your way soon.

What’s next?

I’m excited to have Mailjet join Mailgun on the road forward, and we’ll be working together to provide the best service to our respective customers. Ultimately, our customers will enjoy the benefit of Mailgun’s infrastructure and deliverability expertise and Mailjet’s intuitive tools and multinational approach. 

By joining forces, we will create a better email experience for teams large and small as we expand on our shared vision to become the world’s most relied upon email platform. It’s only going to get better from here!


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Last updated on May 15, 2021

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