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An expanded Mailgun product suite to transform email deliverability

Big news for Sinch Mailgun! We are excited to introduce Mailgun Optimize and Mailgun Validate to our product suite, extending our email offering to make Mailgun the most comprehensive email solution in the industry. Discover what’s new in our post.



Today marks a special day for Sinch Mailgun. For over a decade, our focus has been to provide the best email experience for businesses all around the world. Now, we take another step in our journey by expanding the Mailgun product suite to welcome Mailgun Optimize and Mailgun Validate.

In the ever-changing world of email, keeping up with new standards and requirements has become more challenging for companies. At Mailgun, we’ve seen customer needs evolve as inbox placement gets harder.

Sending email just isn’t enough anymore: Brands require the right technology and expertise to ensure messages reliably arrive where they need to be – in the inbox.

Both Mailgun Optimize and Mailgun Validate address that challenge through innovative tools and actionable insights, joining Mailgun Send to become the most comprehensive email solution in the market. Enterprises will now get the support they need to improve every part of the email management lifecycle, all through one platform and super network.

One goal: Improved email deliverability for our customers

Contrary to many popular predictions, email is nowhere near dead. In fact, email volume doubled in 2020 and has remained at elevated levels ever since. This has led mailbox providers like Google and Yahoo! to strengthen their anti-spam policies, with even stricter enforcement for bulk senders coming in early 2024.

While this move can help legitimate senders stand out, the new requirements will certainly make reaching their audience harder than ever for companies that aren’t prioritizing email deliverability. Scalable and reliable sending infrastructure is critical – but it is just the first step. Without careful sender reputation monitoring and strong deliverability practices, driving revenue and providing a great customer experience with email will become even more challenging.

The new Mailgun product suite bridges the complexities of both email delivery and email deliverability, ensuring your messages are reliably sent and landing in the primary inbox.

The power of Mailgun to meet your needs

Building the best email offering in the industry has been our goal from the start. This vision still drives our product development and is at the core of our expanded offering. So, what does the new Mailgun product suite include?

Mailgun product suite

Mailgun Send

The Mailgun you know and love is getting a new name that highlights its core strengths. Now named Mailgun Send, it is the backbone of our enterprise email platform.

Built by developers for developers, Send makes integrating world-class email infrastructure easy thanks to its industry-leading core features:

  • RESTful API or SMTP relay sending configurations.

  • Advanced analytics based on tags, domains, IPs, subaccounts, and more.

  • Email logs for monitoring inbound and outbound activity.

  • Optimized email traffic flow during peak and slow periods.

  • Inbound routing to parse out noise from incoming email streams.

Send is built for global scale with 99.99% server uptime, 24/7/365 support, and provides SOC I & II, GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 compliance. That means even the biggest brands and most innovative technology providers can build impactful customer experiences, on their terms, with our platform.

And that’s just the sending piece of the puzzle. When paired with the tools and services provided by Mailgun Optimize, customers can achieve unparallel deliverability and engagement, broadening the scope of what is possible with email.

Mailgun Optimize

Formerly known as InboxReady, Mailgun Optimize offers a simplified and strategic approach to the complex topic of email deliverability.

Optimize provides the actionable insights needed to build and maintain a high-ROI email program – from day-to-day decision making to long-term strategic planning. It combines industry-leading applications for monitoring and reporting with a team of technical deliverability experts that is ready to provide personalized guidance and dedicated support.

Optimize is the first deliverability solution built on a sending platform. It is ESP agnostic and can be used with any email service, providing all customers with range of innovative features such as:

  • Domain and IP reputation monitoring, with direct Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmater tools integrations, spam trap monitoring, and blocklist monitoring.

  • Email list validation that uses real cached send data rather than a broken SMTP handshake, making it faster and more accurate than the competition.

  • Inbox placement testing that can be run in under 60 seconds with domestic and international seedlist network coverage.

  • Email previews that leverage Email on Acid’s network of over 100 clients and devices.

If you choose to use the Mailgun platform for both email sending and email deliverability, you get all the above value plus added benefits – including automatically integrated Microsoft SNDS IP data, real-time bounce classification, simplified inbox placement testing, and expanded spam trap monitoring.

Mailgun Validate

List management is the backbone of strong deliverability, and Mailgun Validate provides best-in-class email validations to help businesses maintain a strong sender reputation with healthy subscriber lists.

Validate uses real cached send data instead of a broken SMTP handshake to validate lists with unrivaled speed and accuracy. It also allows for the continuous management and optimization of lists through bulk previews. Combined with a proprietary process and multilayer verification rules, Validate is ultimately a validation service that goes beyond reduced bounce rates to protect your sender reputation.

Built to be flexible, Validate supports multiple approaches for cleaning your lists, allowing you to:

  • Integrate into your site or application to validate at the point of collection via API.

  • Validate your lists in bulk by simply dragging and dropping .CSV files.

  • Validate individual addresses.

  • Preview your list health to see aggregate validation results.

Partnering with the right providers is key for maximizing email ROI. A 2023 Forrester Total Economic Impact Report found the three-year incremental impact of using Mailgun for sending and deliverability was $627,000 due to 20.6 million additional emails being delivered and opened. Sinch Mailgun found that deliverability customers have a 97.4% average delivery rate, significantly outperforming the industry average of 84.8%, with bounce rates dropping to just 0.42% and open rates increasing by upwards of 21%.

What’s next for Mailgun customers

While this is a huge milestone for Mailgun, it is also just the start of continued innovation in email and customer communication.

Sinch Mailgun customers trust us to provide the best email experience possible. We will continue scaling our email sending capabilities and improving our deliverability offering to stay at the cutting edge of industry changes and mailbox requirements. We also remain committed to our email education efforts to deliver the support you need amidst all these changes. We'll be here to help you adapt so email can continue to be the most effective and efficient channel in your customer communications strategy.

In the meantime, make sure you check out Send, Optimize, and Validate to see how our tools can help your business take email further.

Happy sending!

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