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Hard Bounces: The Brick Walls of Failure

Hard Bounces: The Brick Walls of Fai...

We’ve talked a lot about email bounces and email bounce rates as a whole in the past before, but we’ve really only ever dipped our toes into the different types of bounces — hard bounces and soft bounces. Why is that? Well, they’re the smaller components that makeup more complex deliverability issues. A cog in […]

  • 2 min read
  • May 29, 2019
Mailgun now supports AMP for Email

Mailgun now supports AMP for Email...

Chances are you’ve probably heard about Google bringing Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) support for Gmail. AMP gives digital marketers and email senders the ability to create dynamic and actionable emails for their recipients. Our dev team has been working on getting our platform AMP ready, and now the cat is out of the bag. We’re […]

  • 2 min read
  • May 28, 2019
Support Around the Clock — Solving for a 24/7 Support Model

Support Around the Clock — Solving...

Email issues don’t wait for you to be ready for them; they just happen sometimes. To ensure we’re providing prompt support whenever it’s needed, we have 24/7 coverage to address any urgent issues that arise. Plus, Mailgun has customers around the globe. Someone’s 9 AM problem could be our 3 AM problem, but that doesn’t […]

  • 4 min read
  • May 24, 2019
Email Copy Suggestions That Don’t Suck for your Deliverability

Email Copy Suggestions That Don’t ...

Whether you like it or not, email copy is an essential part of any email, regardless of if it’s a transactional or marketing message. It’s what gets people to engage with your messages in the first place – everything from the email subject line to the sign off influences your engagements. Email copy is integral […]

  • 3 min read
  • May 24, 2019
Responsive Email Templates you can get creative with

Responsive Email Templates you can g...

The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! We’ve been rolling out a ton of new features these past few weeks, and the rollout keeps coming with our new email templates! This latest addition allows you to add, edit, and store your email templates within Mailgun so you don’t have to go digging […]

  • 4 min read
  • May 17, 2019
Email Bounces: What to do about them

Email Bounces: What to do about them...

Email bounces — an annoying occurrence in email sending. As common as they may be, senders go nuts over email bounces. While we’ve spoken before on how your email bounces are less important if you focus more on deliverability, it’s a hard problem to solve. Largely due to the fact that in some cases, a […]

  • 4 min read
  • May 7, 2019
Bulk Validations — Accurate and Fast AF

Bulk Validations — Accurate and Fa...

Cleaning an old email list is one of those must needed chores that nobody really wants to do. You have to do it, but you push it back because other priorities pop up. It’s easy to jump the gun and skip cleaning that list, but that’s only going to do more harm than good to […]

  • 5 min read
  • May 3, 2019
Mailchimp + Shopify Split – What do you do now?

Mailchimp + Shopify Split – Wh...

We’re sure that just about everyone was shocked to hear that Mailchimp and Shopify were separating in late March — ourselves included. To briefly recap, Mailchimp and Shopify decided to part ways due to disagreements in data sharing between the two companies. In their press release regarding the split, Mailchimp states that Shopify requested access […]

  • 4 min read
  • April 30, 2019
Email Authentication: Your ID Card for Sending

Email Authentication: Your ID Card f...

As a Technical Account Manager at Mailgun, I’m constantly talking to my customers about various deliverability and good sender best practices — one of those being email authentication. Email authentication is comprised of various methods for taking ownership and accountability of your email and serves as a basic foundation of quite a few of those […]

  • 6 min read
  • April 16, 2019
Opening the envelope on Mailgun’s new UI

Opening the envelope on Mailgun’s ...

You’re always looking for ways to do your work more efficiently, whether that means faster troubleshooting or simple tools that help you achieve results more easily. The Mailgun control panel hadn’t changed in years, and it wasn’t keeping up with how our offerings have evolved or how we’ve grown as a company since we spun […]

  • 5 min read
  • April 9, 2019

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