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What is Transactional Email? The Basics

Transactional emails are something that anybody with an email address has received at least once in their life. However, not everyone understands what they are, how they are used, and how they should be structured within your email strategy.

Mailgun Team
4 min read
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Inbox Placement - Delivery Made Simple

In case you missed it, we publicly launched Inbox Placement! If you remember our post from a few months ago announcing the launch of the beta, we discussed how it works and how it helps predict deliverability problems and how it can better your email program.

Jorge Miramontes
4 min read
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Send Your Emails at the Perfect Time with Send Time Optimization

STO uses machine learning to determine the best time to deliver a message to each recipient, at the moment when it’s most likely to be seen and read.

Chris Farmer
3 min read
  • Best Practices

Golang’s Superior Cache Solution to Memcached and Redis

To combat this concurrent work, you would need a system to synchronize fetching or rendering of the data. Fortunately, there is a golang library called groupcache which can be used to resolve the thundering herd issue and improve on the remote cache implications mentioned above.

Derrick Wippler
10 min read
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What we've been up to: Mailgun's 2019 Year in Review

2019 has been a landmark year for Mailgun, so we wanted to take a moment and reflect on what the year has brought us and preview some things to look forward to in 2020! This year we launched new products, redesigned our control panel UI, and had a few other exciting changes. Read on for a quick overview of 2019. 

Nick Lafferty
3 min read
  • Best Practices

The Best Time to Send Holiday Emails - Investigated

First off, there is no one size fits all solution to the best time to send holiday emails. A lot of your email sending success is going to hinge on the composition of your email list. Even then, you can't send an email to an entire email list that will land at the top of the inbox for everyone.

Natalie Hays
4 min read
  • What's new

Sending to the Wrong Segment - Misfit Email Series

Every once in a while, something happens, and they may end up sending to the wrong segmented list of recipients. Bad things tend to follow when this happens, and that sends senders into a panic.

Cameron Henry
5 min read
  • What's new

Email’s Best of 2019

If you were to look back at digital communications a decade or two ago, you would find that email dominated the market – not text. The email has evolved from a 1:1 communication channel to one that is largely used for marketing messages. People have moved away from using email as a way to contact someone and instead moved their chatter to other platforms like SMS, Slack, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Kate Nowrouzi
4 min read
  • Best Practices

My Email Isn’t Authentic Enough - Misfit Email Series

Recently, I was asked a question; “What if my mail isn’t authentic enough?” Today, I’ll walk through potential problems and solutions of improper email authentication, so pull up a chair and get comfy.

Levi Trejo
8 min read
  • Best Practices

The Consequences of Bad Email Templates - Misfit Email Series

Like life, email has its consequences. Is it possible to send a million messages on a brand-new domain on its first day? Technically, sure. Will it go well? No.

John Coker
7 min read
  • For devs

HTTP/2 Cleartext (H2C) Client Example in Go

Since my internet foo failed me, and the only workable example of an H2C client I can find was in the actual go test suite, I’m going to lay out what I discovered about H2C support in golang here.

Derrick Wippler
3 min read
  • Security

Session Awareness & Account Management - How Active are You?

Here at Mailgun, we take cybersecurity extremely seriously. When it comes to our customers’ emails, a compromised account can mean compromises for their end-users as well.

Patrick Tilley
4 min read

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