Why Mailgun Stands Out
Among MailChimp Alternatives

Plenty of MailChimp alternatives are available for email marketing, but none of them are as robust as Mailgun’s offerings. For example, Mad Mimi lacks split testing, and AWeber has outdated email templates. With Mailgun, your email marketing efforts are boosted by such features as email validations to proactively protect your email reputation, seasoned technical support experts, long-term log retention, and outstanding Uptime SLA. Mailgun’s array of features makes it one of the best MailChimp alternatives on the market.

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Superior Email Validation

Compared with other email marketing platforms, Mailgun is the only provider of email marketing software that offers email validations. Looking for email validation with MailChimp alternatives like SendGrid and SmartPost? You won’t find it. Mailgun’s validation services give you a one-stop shop to cultivate a solid reputation for email delivery, including syntax checks, DNS validation, and spell checks. A bonus with Mailgun: Every month, your first 100 validations are free. That’s a key reason to turn to Mailgun for marketing automation. With Mailgun, you can send emails with confidence

Email Validation

Strong Technical Support

At MailChimp alternatives like Constant Contact and Emma, technical support is basic. And at MailerLite, many of the customer service representatives are scattered across Europe, Asia, and Central America. Meanwhile, SendGrid and SparkPost provide the same level of customer support for every tier of sender; MailChimp lacks phone support altogether.

At Mailgun, all accounts come with 24×7 support via tickets. We also provide chat and phone support with our Scale and Custom plans so you can get faster answers from our most knowledgeable agents. For proactive support, expert guidance, and account management, Mailgun’s managed email service includes a dedicated technical account manager who can help you before you even realize there’s a problem. You certainly won’t get a dedicated technical account manager with Amazon SES or Google.

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Email Logs

Superb Log Retention

In email marketing, it’s critical to have log retention so you can diagnose any issues related to sending messages for your email campaigns. Mailgun has got you covered with the longest log retention in the email marketing industry — up to 30 days. By comparison, SendGrid stores only the last 500 events, and SparkPost’s log retention lasts just 14 days. Meanwhile, Amazon SES offers no log retention. Mailgun logs every step of the delivery process for email marketing, and the logs are readily accessible through our dashboard and APIs. In this category, Mailgun is a great alternative and stands out among email marketing services.

Solid Uptime SLA

Mailgun offers a Speed to Delivery SLA that is financially guaranteed and 99.99% Uptime SLA included for every sender, no matter the size. By contrast, SparkPost provides 99.99% Uptime SLA only to Enterprise customers, while SendGrid has no Uptime SLA. Time is money in email marketing, and when it comes to Uptime SLA, Mailgun gives you your money’s worth — your email newsletters will be sent without a hitch.

Speed to Delivery SLA
Email APIs

Mailgun vs. MailChimp

Among MailChimp alternatives, Mailgun outguns MailChimp. How? Sure, MailChimp has drag-and-drop editors, but they aren’t as developer-friendly as Mailgun’s editors, and they’re not ideal for transactional emails. MailChimp even owns API-driven email service Mandrill, but one of the big problems there is you can’t get Mandrill without MailChimp. That’s not the kind of email marketing solution you want, is it?

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One of the drawbacks of email marketing competitors like AWeber is that they don’t have free plans. Mailgun does, though. Every month, the first 100 validations and the first 10,000 emails (compared with 9,000 at SendinBlue) are free. That’s not available with email marketing services such as AWeber. Plus, our free email plan comes with advanced email analytics and unlimited customer support tickets.

Why not sign up today with Mailgun to see what your email marketing campaigns are missing? And if you provide your payment information, you’ll get unlimited emails! Once you try Mailgun, you’ll never want to use another marketing automation tool, especially a costly alternative like Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact.

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