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Create better experiences with an email validation service

Bad email addresses make every email campaign feel like the equivalent of whiffing a great high-five. Your email marketing team, email designers, and email developers have all worked hard creating great email campaigns – don’t waste your budget on email addresses that don’t exist. Mailgun’s email validation API can help.

Leave no subscriber behind with email address validation services

You’ve coded a beautiful email. Or maybe you’ve used a trusty email template. You’ve segmented your list, built out a nurture flow, set up the automated triggers and analytics...and after you finally press send, the bounces start.

You’re bound to get a few hard bounces, even with a squeaky clean email list. But when your bounce rate gets too high? You’ve got a problem.

By the time most marketing teams press send on an email campaign, they’re thinking about open rates and click rates, not their email list. But it’s precisely your email list that’s going to determine whether or not the email ever makes it to the inbox in the first place.

Seamlessly improve the health of your mailing list and get higher email delivery rates with email address validation integrated into your web forms – so you never have to worry whether or not a new email address is going to work.

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Make sure email campaigns reach your subscribers with a real-time email validation service

Look, typos happen. Invalid email addresses are often just the result of simple mistakes. We’ve all filled out forms thinking we wrote, “” when we really wrote, “” Without email address validation, though, you’re stuck with worthless leads that don’t just represent wasted opportunity – they can really hurt your business.

That’s because without proper email verification, you put your sender reputation at risk. Hard bounces send signals to email clients like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Hotmail that maybe you’re not who you say you are. Or maybe you’re engaging in shady practices like web scraping or purchasing lists (here’s why you shouldn’t do that!). Once too many returned emails sound the alarm, inbox providers throttle your IP address...meaning your emails won’t make it to the rest of your list, either.

Invalid emails also wreak havoc on your data reporting. Since they’re not real, they don’t open your messages, click through, or engage with your content, skewing your statistics so your campaigns constantly underperform.

Optimize your ROI and engagement levels with a solid email verification process before sending your next email marketing campaign.

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4 steps to a comprehensive email validation (and better deliverability)

Email verification tools like Mailgun work on several levels to ensure that every email address that comes into your email service provider works. Here’s how:

  • Grammar and syntax checks for local parts rules: Our email validator algorithm automatically conducts grammar checks based on rules for major mailboxes. For example, a Gmail address such as “” would be flagged as an invalid email because the “+” does not meet Google’s local parts rules.

  • Spotting common typos: Mailgun’s address validation tool also searches for common domain name misspellings, and offers on-the-spot suggestions. Say goodbye to errors like “,” “” and more.

  • Flagging high-risk email addresses: Our email validator reduces spam complaints by refusing specific types of email addresses, such as role-based email addresses (like or disposable e-mail addresses, which are usually temporary emails that may include a string of numbers or a signifier in the local parts such as “throwaway” or “junk mail.”

  • Mailbox provider email verification: Mailgun’s email validation tool programmatically checks the email address with the inbox provider and mail server as an additional step in the email validation process. This means you can be confident that the email address on your list actually exists at the recipient domain.

Build email verification directly into web forms with Mailgun’s API

Mailgun’s powerful email validation tool helps you maintain good list hygiene so you can focus on what matters: the messages you’re sending. Our email validation API integrates directly with your web forms in real-time. This ensures that each subscriber on your mailing list has a valid email account before you send your message.

Grammar, spelling, and email provider verification happen simultaneously with back-end email server verification like MX record and A record lookups, SMTP analysis, DNS lookups, and parsing email addresses into local parts and domains – all with a typical API response time under 500 ms.

And if your developers want to integrate additional features into the API, Mailgun offers an open-source library for optimizing the email validator for your own use case.

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Get email validation as needed with our flexible plans

Need more validations each month? Check out our plans and flexible pricing options. Or, if you’re looking for other ways to boost your marketing team’s efforts, check out our Mailgun Optimize deliverability tools.

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