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Sending better email isn’t just about creating pretty templates. By putting free email list cleaning into place, you can achieve greater deliverability and improve your email performance.

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Why Email List Cleaning Is Important

When it comes to building a robust email list, you want to think in terms of quality over quantity. That’s why email list cleaning is an essential tool for ensuring that all of the email addresses on your list belong there. Whether it’s invalid email addresses, hard bounces, or just poor list quality in general, you’re putting your email marketing campaigns and sender reputation on the line.

What You Can Do to Clean Your List

Here’s how an email list cleaning service can help verify email, improve email deliverability, and ensure that your bulk email messages avoid the spam traps:

Dealing with Hard Bounces

A big part of maintaining your email marketing reputation is processing bounces properly so that you can have a clean list. When you send emails, Mailgun automatically processes bounce information in real-time. Once a hard bounce is discovered, we will not send emails to that email address again, and we won’t attempt future deliveries so your reputation can stay intact. In the case of soft bounces, those bad emails will be removed after multiple attempts.

Email Validation to Promote List Quality

The best time to validate email addresses is during the signup process and on your web forms. This helps catch invalid emails proactively so that you can build a clean email list from the start. That means no disposable email or misspelled gmail addresses on your list. Real-time verification is just one of Mailgun’s email cleaning tools, and you get a number of validations included for free every month.

A Bulk Email List That's Built, Not Bought

Although building a clean email list from scratch takes time and effort, it’s well worth it. That’s because companies with the best email marketing campaigns are those that send to recipients who actually want to read their messages. Mailgun recommends using double opt-in, which means that all users must sign up through a form, receive an email with a link, and then click the link in order to verify their email address. Taking this extra step will help ensure a strong, clean email list and lower your bounce rate.

Manage Emails with Email Parsing, Email Segmentation, and Tagging

Mailgun makes it easier for developers to manage millions of incoming and outgoing email messages, which goes hand in hand with maintaining a clean email list. That’s because each email that Mailgun posts to your app comes fully parsed and transcoded to UTF-8. In addition, you have the ability to segment your emails, create mailing lists using the Mailgun Mailing List API, and tag your email messages to categorize them more effectively. Tagging also helps you track each message and makes is easier to do A/B testing.

Get Started with Free Email List Cleaning

By working with email marketing software that can ensure you follow the best practices for your email campaign—including email verification services, email list cleaning, and email deliverability checks—you can protect the domain or IP address of your email server from being blacklisted and optimize your email marketing campaign performance.

Try out Mailgun for free so you can see its real-time email verification in action, and clean your email list once and for all.

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