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Email Reputation: Why It Matters and How It Impacts Deliverability

 Learn about the importance of email reputation and how it impacts deliverability..


Your Guide To Webhooks

Discover how you can use webhooks in email delivery with samples of real use cases..


Master The Art Of Inboxing With This Checklist

 Use these 5 steps to improve your email performance today..



PyTexas: Sending Email with Python Applications

Sending Email with Python Applications

Sending a single email is easy. Sending thousands, not so much. Mailgunner Douglas Mendizábal explains how to leverage the Mailgun API to send e


Getting Started with Mailgun: An Intro to the Platform

Getting Started with Mailgun - webinar, training and q and a

This on-demand, live training covers the steps required and resources available to successfully get started with Mailgun. Chris Hammer, Team Lead


Email Deliverability: Finding A Path to Success

In a short video, learn about 4 key strategies that will help you ensure your emails have the best chance of being delivered.


Tips For Building HTML Emails And Workflow

Watch this hangout featuring Mailgun's Lead Digital Product Designer, Lee Munroe, to learn how to build, design and automate your HTML emails and


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