The Mailgun guide to email security and compliance

Protecting your email program from threats and regulations

What's Inside

In this free guide you will find:

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    How email scams and spam are evolving and continue to threaten security at organizations of all sizes and industries.

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    Guidance on following data privacy laws, including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA.

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    Global statistics on the dangers of phishing, brand spoofing, and more.

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    A view from the frontlines of email security with expert insights from people who work to stop threat actors every day.

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    How to use email authentication to protect your contacts, your reputation, and your email deliverability.

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    Advice on evaluating potential technology partners for security and compliance.

Download the guide:

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The Mailgun guide to email security and compliance

The truth? Email has some serious security challenges

As much as we love email at Sinch Mailgun, we have to admit... protecting it from bad actors and adhering to data privacy laws is never-ending work.

You need to join with your technology partners to keep email safe and personal data secure. Failing to do so puts your customers, employees, business, and brand reputation at risk. To help you understand what’s at stake, and to help you improve email security and compliance in your organization, Mailgun experts came together to give you guidance.

In this comprehensive guide we’re offering solid advice on how to fight back against the bad actors targeting your company. Plus, we’ll provide essential information on data privacy regulations to keep your email program on the right side of international laws.

Find out about the benefits of continually improving email security and compliance and how to know if your technology partners have what it takes to do the same. Get your copy of “The Mailgun guide to email security and compliance” today and start beefing up your defenses.

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