Migrating from Mailchimp Transactional to Mailgun Email API

A quick comparison guide to help you migrate from Mailchimp Transactional over to Mailgun API

What's Inside

In this migration handbook, you will find:

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    Comparable terminology between Mailchimp Transactional and Mailgun Email API for easier implementation

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    A quick start guide to getting started with Mailgun Email API

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    Reviews of both SMTP and API migration paths

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    API references for faster troubleshooting and itemization of what needs to be migrated

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    A simple how-to for setting up your account security and settings

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    A brief overview of how to get your account set up correctly for optimal email reputation

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Migrating from Mailchimp Transactional to Mailgun Email API

Moving from Mailchimp Transactional to Mailgun API doesn’t need to be hard

When you’re tasked with switching email providers, procuring and understanding just how seamless that process will be can feel daunting. Migrating to a new ESP can be a risky and challenging undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

With this handbook, we aim to make moving over from Mailchimp Transactional to Mailgun as easy to understand as possible so that you can keep sending emails with little to no impact on operations.


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