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Email reputation service

With reputation services in place, you don’t have to spend time worrying about your email return path or wondering if your company’s emails ended up in a spam folder.

Increase email deliverability by improving your reputation

Email is one of the most important channels for connecting with people online today. Whether it’s email marketing to current customers, internal teams collaborating together, salespeople reaching out to prospects, your email reputation should be a priority.

“Email reputation” or sender reputation is an important factor mailbox providers (mail servers) such as Google’s Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, use to score the credibility of your organization as an email sender. Each mailbox provider has its own complex algorithm that tracks and updates your sender reputation, which is based on both your domain and your IP address (IP). Email reputation services exist to help you track and optimize your email reputation to optimize email deliverability.

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Using email logs to track history

Want real-time updates on email deliverability? Worried that you may have been hit a spam trap? The best email reputation services log and index every action taken on your message, allowing you to understand exactly what happened. Logs can be retained for up to 30 days, giving you the ability to troubleshoot and trend the details of your email send.

Optimize your IP reputation

Depending on your email programs and how many emails your business sends per day, your IP strategy could vary greatly. Reputation services can help you manage and optimize your IP reputation appropriately. Sending more than 50,000 emails per day typically means you should use a dedicated IP address, while sending less than 5,000 per day might mean a shared IP solution (shared with other businesses) would better protect your IP reputation.

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Optimize your domain reputation

Your business could have an email program for corporate emails, marketing emails, sales emails, and customer emails. One way to improve your sender score and protect your domain reputation and email reputation is to use a different top-level domain and email address for each email program. By using reputation services, an administrator can easily create and manage multiple domains or subdomains very easily, and use each one for a different email program.

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Build a better reputation

Mailgun’s email reputation and managed services allow you to track logs in your own dashboard, and give you a dedicated email expert to proactively monitor your sender reputation. Contact us today to learn how Mailgun can improve your email deliverability.


Explore beyond email reputation

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of email reputation services.

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