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The day has finally come! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Pathwire, our new parent brand, and unveil a slightly refreshed look and feel for Mailgun.



The day has finally come! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Pathwire, our new parent brand, and unveil a slightly refreshed look and feel for Mailgun, which you’ll see evolving over the months to come.

But Pathwire isn’t just a new name and a modernized design. Through the Pathwire umbrella, our customers will gain access to a broader set of solutions to help them grow and improve their customers’ experience. Pathwire brings together our Mailgun and Mailjet product sets alongside new solutions and tools on our 2021 roadmap.

Why Pathwire?

The truth is, we were starting to find that our brand of yesterday was limiting people’s view of what we could become. For the past ten years, we’ve been watching our customers transform their organizations, streamline complicated projects, and build connected experiences with email. While making changes to your brand can sometimes feel daunting, it has also given us the opportunity to grow and rethink who we are… and who we want to be.

As a communications service provider, our aim is to offer a reliable path between two connections – a business and its customers. The Mailgun name represents the speed and power of our sending infrastructure, which works well for our Email API product, but speed is not enough to build meaningful connections. For our broader solution set, we wanted a name that could show our growth and commitment to building those relationships, and the “Pathwire” name more clearly articulates that vision. 

With our new Pathwire brand, we’re blazing a path beyond email, expanding our product offerings, and ensuring each of our customers gets exactly what they need, whether that’s the world’s leading email API and infrastructure, an intuitive email campaign solution, localized deliverability expertise, or SMS.

A look at where we’ve been

The Mailgun history so far has been a journey of change and innovation. Over the past ten years, our customers have shown us how the communications we power have facilitated better connections with their customers. By using Mailgun, large enterprises have moved to cloud-based technology, small businesses have made email part of their user experience, and teams around the world have reduced their support load and manual efforts.

Internally, we’ve experienced just as many transformations. In the past decade, we’ve gone through the Y Combinator program, been acquired by Rackspace, spun out of Rackspace thanks to investment by Turn/River Capital and others, and are now part of the Thoma Bravo portfolio. We’ve gone from being a small but mighty team that consumed probably too much Topo Chico to being a multinational, distributed workforce that has had to learn how to operate and take care of each other in a remote environment. Through it all, ensuring nothing stands between your business and the inbox has been our primary focus.

What’s next for Mailgun?

Mailgun isn’t going anywhere, and we’ve got big plans for it. The service you know and love will continue to operate under the same name, and we’ll continue to launch new Mailgun capabilities. 

Our goal with Pathwire isn’t to consolidate our offerings; it’s to extend new capabilities to all of our customers. The Pathwire brand provides a framework for us to expand our offering and make room for new products and features we are actively developing. 

Our philosophy is that a new brand shouldn’t result in extra work for customers. If you’re a current customer, please rest assured that your login, billing, and API endpoints will remain the same. Although our corporate brand name is changing, our legal entity is not. And neither is our commitment to data protection, security, or GDPR compliance.

So what is changing?

Over the next several months, you’ll see us modernizing our logo and visual identity a bit. It’s been a few years since we’ve updated our look and feel, so we’re ready for a change. We’ll share more details about the evolution of our brand identity in a future blog post but don’t worry – the red isn’t going anywhere. 

Aside from a design refresh coming inside the app, on our website, and in our emails, you’ll also notice that we’re now referring to the product as Mailgun by Pathwire. 

Learn more about Pathwire

We’re so grateful to have you on this journey with us, and we can’t wait to share more of Pathwire with you in the months to come. 

If you can’t wait either, check out our new Pathwire website to learn more about the company we’ve become. You’ll get a feel for our new design – Greek gods included – and start seeing some new resources to help you get more from your email program.

We’re just getting started on this new path. Join us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to be the first to hear about our new brand, features, and resources. Thanks for being part of our transformation, and as always…

Happy sending!

The (Mailgun) Pathwire team

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