Ignored emails have a low sending self-esteem

Unloved emails become insecure, and that can lead to poor sending habits. Before they reach rock bottom, they need to work on their Sending Self-Esteem.



Email is a wonderful medium for sending and receiving messages, but we don’t give it enough credit. Lack of credit can lead to emails being taken for granted, leaving them unclicked and unloved. Unloved emails become insecure, and that insecurity leads to poor sending habits.  Before they reach rock bottom, they need to work on their Sending Self-Esteem.

What did I just watch?

Good question, but we’ll get back to that. While we’re fine to crack jokes about an email who just can’t get any love, the reality behind it is something any sender could experience. The answer to unloved emails isn’t as simple as chugging out more messages. Doing so will only keep your metrics low. Instead, consider looking over your sending practices compared to these common best practices:

  1. Customize your message – If your messages are general or considered to be a bit of a “catch-all” when it comes to content, it’s time to personalize. Take a look at your audience and see what sort of content they like, and then tailor your messaging accordingly.

  2.  Focus on your engaged peeps – many users on your list have engaged with your email messages recently by opening, clicking, or replying to them? Sending to a full list without removing unengaged users always leads to low open rates.

  3. Don’t forget the opt-in –  Speaking of email lists, how are you going about getting your lists in the first place? Most people know they shouldn’t purchase a list, but not everyone has an opt-in or double opt-in policy for their email list.

These are only a few best practices you can have in place to ensure better engagements. Maybe if our poor email had done so he would have never felt like junk.

Back to your question…

Sending self-esteem is a new video series we’re starting here at Mailgun to hit at different problems “emails” (actual emails, senders, etc.) face in the email delivery sphere. If this video didn’t speak to issues you’re facing, you might be surprised to see one in the future that does address one of your pain points.

Speaking of, if there is a topic you’d like for us to tackle in this series, drop us a comment below or on the video itself! We’d love to hear from you. Plus, you get to be the focus of a Mailgun video, which is pretty cool.

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