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Em Blitstein

Em Blitstein is a Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Sinch Mailgun. She manages the Mailgun Blog, curates top-notch content, and falls down SEO rabbit holes. She writes about all things email and loves a good dev deep dive.

Latest stories by Em Blitstein

6 fundamental tools for better email results

Even in today’s futuristic AI marketplace, email remains a powerful means for businesses to connect with their audiences. And at the core of email communications lies email...

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How to build customer satisfaction during Black Friday with email

It’s here. That special time of year when web traffic fluxes, sales skyrocket, developers batton down the infrastructure hatches, and marketers dive into deep seas of data and...

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Deliverability services: Decoding deliverability with the experts

Deliverability is like operating a ham radio – it’s been around a while but most people don’t know how to use it. Like a radio, deliverability relies on external factors to transmit...

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Getting started with Microsoft SNDS: Sender reputation

Email deliverability relies heavily on sender reputation, but how do you monitor a reputation? The answer, of course, is it depends. When it comes to the world of mailbox...

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How to avoid landing in an email blocklist: Best practices

We can’t think of many things more immediately impactful to your deliverability than landing on a blocklist. Once you’ve been flagged, ISPs won’t let you through the gate into...

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