Emily Blitstein


Em Blitstein

Em Blitstein is a Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Mailgun by Sinch. She manages the Mailgun Blog, curates top-notch content, and falls down SEO rabbit holes. She writes about all things email and loves a good dev deep dive.

Latest stories by Em Blitstein

The dirty truth about email lists and how to scrub them with email list cleaning

Pardon our French, but nothing delivers a bigger sucker punch to your deliverability than a dirty email list. Email lists aren’t just for organizing and storing contacts, they are the...

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What are SYN flood attacks and how can you defend against them?

“We’re under attack!” It’s a line that could very well be taken directly from Star Wars or The Matrix, but it’s also a cyber security reality. These attacks are not only sneaky but can be...

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Software bugs and how to fix them faster

The cost of debugging isn’t the same for everyone. Cost doesn’t just depend on operation and service fees, but on how much technical debt you have. When we talk about...

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How to set up your own SMS-to-email gateway with Mailgun and MessageMedia

What’s better: email marketing or SMS marketing? Email may have the best ROI in the messaging market but the average open rate of a text message sits at 98%, with 90% of...

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How email deliverability impacts your ROI

Email isn’t a new medium. In fact, it’s one of the original pillars of the internet. Though it may seem like “You’ve got mail” is a phrase that’s lost some of its excitement over the...

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