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Catch-All Domain Support Is Now Available In Email Validations

Here at Mailgun, our focus has always been on creating solutions that solve problems big and small… and this philosophy doesn’t stop at email validations. We wanted to make it easier to identify different types of addresses through our validation services, and we are pleased to announce that catch-all domain support is now available through Mailgun email validations.

Peter Trinder
4 min read
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Mailgun Just Got Better For Client Management

Here at Mailgun, our main focus is making an Email Sending Platform (ESP) that is scalable and highly integrable so our customers can start sending email as quickly as possible. While we make it easy to get new projects started, managing a large number of client domains can quickly become challenging on any ESP. After speaking directly with some of our highest-volume customers, we’ve come up with a couple of solutions for better client management.

Chris Farmer
5 min read
  • Email DIY

The Basics of SPF Records

What do you think of when you think of the term SPF? If you’re new to email, it probably makes you think of sunblock (it’s June, so we should probably put some on). But, as it turns out, there’s another type of SPF protection that’s a little more relevant to the email industry: SPF records.

Mary Dolan
6 min read
  • Security

Session Awareness & Account Management - How Active are You?

Here at Mailgun, we take cybersecurity extremely seriously. When it comes to our customers’ emails, a compromised account can mean compromises for their end-users as well.

Patrick Tilley
4 min read
  • Security

Common Phishing Email Warning Signs

In case you need a refresher, phishing emails are emails that spoof legitimate businesses to gain your personal information. These emails lead to a landing page that asks you to input your personal data like your login or social security number, thus collecting your info.

Mailgun Team
4 min read
  • Best Practices

Protecting Your Domain Reputation With DMARC

As someone who works in this wonderful world of email, I can tell you there are a few things that just make life miserable for everyone: spammers and phishers. The interwebz is still the preferred platform for business and social interactions, so of course, there’s more incentive for bad actors to target users for their own financial gain. Let’s look at the stupid easy ways bad actors can lure us into a trap, and how we can stop getting pwned by spammers.

Jonathan Torres
6 min read
  • Security

Inside The Seedy Underworld Of Spammers And Phishers

This week we announced some improvements to our reputation algorithm which helps us fight spam while still welcoming new customers without setting arbitrary sending limits.

Mailgun Team
9 min read

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