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An All-In-One Email Service Solution

Just as all businesses are not created equal, neither are email services. Whether your outgoing email needs are simple or complex, Mailgun has you covered. We offer a responsive API that allows for customization by your developers to suit your needs. Need to send out a series of transactional emails or run a large-scale email marketing campaign? Or need to customize templates for well-branded marketing emails? Mailgun treats each use case with the same level of importance. Not only can you easily send emails targeted to your users, but you can rest assured of your email deliverability because of our proactive monitoring and maintenance. And you don’t need to be tied to a third-party provider, such as MailChimp’s Mandrill API solution.

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Technical Support When You Need It

We boast a 96% happiness rating based on our customer support and we’re proud of that. You don’t have to be a developer to send emails on our email platform — we focus on a user-friendly experience with a dedicated support team. Many questions can be answered quickly by submitting a query to our Stack Overflow, where members of our support team answer user inquiries all day-every day. Not seeing an answer? Submit a customer support ticket and receive a quick solution or response to your concern.

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Protecting Online Reputation

We Protect Your Online Reputation

An transactional email service provider that provides access to a real-time database where you can keep a close eye on your email security, track open rates, and customer engagement for all of your email campaigns will help manage and maintain your online reputation. Additionally, a service that relies more heavily on dedicated servers rather than the cloud will reduce your risk. Finally, since IP addresses can end up on blacklists, Mailgun uses dedicated IPs from large subnets so you won’t get blocked due to surrounding IPs.

Competitors Fall Short

While email services like Gmail are able to send simple emails, even Google doesn’t offer its clients the bandwidth to send up to 5MM at a moment’s notice. Some competitors, like Sendgrid, only offer plans of up to 1.5MM. Further, other email service providers like Sendgrid, Mailchimp, or Amazon SES do not offer email validations or integrated ways to build and maintain your sender reputation.

Many email service providers also make it difficult to review your sent email logs because it isn’t stored for long. Log retention can help diagnose the success of your outgoing email. While SendGrid only provides message history for the last 500 events, Mailgun knows that information can provide insight; that’s why we always offer 30 full days of log history.

Mailgun also offers integrated analytics for key KPIs like unique email opens and unique clicks as well as other server behaviors like email message suppressions and hard bounces. Mailgun equips you with the tools to strategically track your transactional emails and email campaigns by generating geographic customer maps and identifying user device types.

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