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Going Beyond Basic Analytics

The more you understand about how prospects respond to your email campaigns, the better your sales team can tailor the emails you send in order to get results. The easiest email marketing metrics to collect are simple counts of how many email addresses you have on your list and how many messages you send. But this doesn’t tell you how many are delivered, let alone opened and acted upon.

Track Emails to Evaluate Performance

Knowing how effective your email marketing really is requires using email tracking tools and real-time email analytics that provide insight into how customers interact with your messages. Combine the features of Google Analytics with the free email analytics from Mailgun to figure out where your marketing is coming up short and refine your email marketing campaigns.

Email Delivery Metrics

The first challenge in email marketing is making sure email campaigns like blog post notifications and password resets get delivered. With Mailgun, you can validate email addresses upon sign up, which helps improve delivery rates. The free email analytics from Mailgun provide insights into your bounce rate and help you identify which email service providers like gmail and hotmail are blocking your messages and why.

Open Rates & Click Tracking

Before a reader can react to the content in your email, they need to open it. The open rate metric is critical for letting you know how effective your subject line is in grabbing attention. Mailgun’s free email analytics tools tell you which mobile devices someone is using to read your email, which email client they’re using to read it, where they are and what time it was read. Use that information to design the email templates of your next email campaign and determine the best send time.

A high open rate means your subject line caught the readers’ attention. Click tracking measures the next step – whether the body of the email was effective. This metric lets you know which calls to action in your email your subscribers are clicking on. The click-through rate metric gives you specific insight into whether your calls to action actually motivate readers.

Conversion Rates & Email List Changes

You know the subscriber clicked on one of your calls to action, but did they actually take any action once they were on your site? Use the conversion rate to find out how many recipients responded to the content on your landing page by making a purchase, providing their personal information, or downloading a resource. This key metric goes beyond assessing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign to assessing the effectiveness of your site. This isn’t something an email service provider can give you directly, but it’s easy to measure it with Google Analytics or another web analytics tool.

Your email list isn’t static, and the size of the list isn’t the only email list number that matters. Keep track of how many subscribers you gain and how many unsubscribe. Correlating those changes with email marketing campaigns can help you spot problems with your marketing strategy.

Don’t Just Collect Statistics – Act on Them

Use email tracking to improve your email marketing. Mailgun lets you tag emails and segment statistics by using those tags for campaign tracking. Use tags to conduct A/B tests and identify the most effective email marketing approach for your product. Use Google Analytics and our free email analytics to gain insight from email tracking and ensure your email reaches prospects, engages customers and effectively markets your product.

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