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You’ve polished up your email content, but that’s only the first step to a successful email campaign. An email testing tool will get you ready to send by making sure your email displays properly across email clients and mobile devices.

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Without an email testing tool, you might end up with potential issues like broken links or formatting that’s okay on a desktop but messed up on an iPhone 6. Even worse, too many bad emails can lead to high unsubscribe rates and a bad reputation for your IP address.

Testing Tools for Your Email

Testing tools come in several different categories, like spam testing, email previews, and email verification. These testing tools will ensure your email looks professional and your email marketing campaign reaches the inboxes of valid email addresses. Here are the email testing tools you need in order to avoid the spam filter and get the best results from your email campaigns:

Spam Tests

You have to test your spam score to make sure your emails are actually reaching those Yahoo and AOL inboxes, not getting shuffled into a spam folder and blocked by tools like SpamAssassin. With a quick Google search, you can find several services offering free tools or free trials to check your spam score, and Email on Acid includes a spam test as part of their email client testing service. Based on your test results, you can determine if you need to make changes to your content so it seems like a real email, not spam.

Take spam testing a step further with inbox placement testing or seed testing to see exactly how your message will be delivered across different ISPs and email clients. While it’s hard to know exactly what kind of email deliverability you’ll see, inbox placement tests give you the best indication.

Email Preview

Get a chance to view how your email will look in different email clients, like Apple Mail or Outlook.com. An email might look good in Gmail but terrible in AOL. Email preview services like EmailReach and Email on Acid offer free trials so you can see how your email template will look in different providers.

Email Verification Tools

To get great email delivery rates, you need to make sure your email campaigns reach a real email address. Email verification tools can help you ensure that your email messages are reaching actual people. Check out Mailgun’s email validation tool and start verifying email addresses today.

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Good email testing tools are only the beginning of a successful email strategy. Go beyond basic services like Amazon SES or marketing automation solutions like Mailchimp — use some of the tools above with a reliable email program like Mailgun to take your marketing campaigns to the next level with best-in-class deliverability, detailed analytics, spam complaint handling, and custom meta-data.

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