Email compatibility testing

If you want to make your email campaign even more effective and make sure your emails look professional and engaging on different email clients, you need to test your emails for compatibility before you send them out.

What is email testing?

These days, your customers have their choice of popular email clients. Your emails could be ending up in Gmail, Yahoo, or inboxes, just to name a few. And all these email clients have different fonts and interfaces, so your email is going to look different if someone is opening it on the Gmail app on their iPhone 6 versus Apple Mail on their iPad pro versus AOL Mail on their iPhone SE. With all these devices and different email clients, how do you make sure your clients can actually read your carefully crafted email campaign? That’s where email compatibility testing comes in.

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Preview on desktop clients or mobile apps

With tools like Email on Acid, you can preview how your email will look on different email clients before you send them. The preview takes less than a minute to load once you’ve uploaded your email’s HTML. For example, Email on Acid can check how your email looks on 100+ different email clients and flag broken links. These days, more people than ever are checking their emails on mobile devices, not desktop clients. Do you know what your email looks like on an iPad mini? Or other iOS apps? You can’t forget mobile clients when writing these emails, otherwise you might be sending scrambled HTML to potential customers.

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See how your readers will interact

Don’t just see what your customers will see – interact with your email like they will. With a program like Email on Acid, you can flip the device and see what your test email looks like on mobile devices, scroll through your email previews, and pinpoint potential issues in the HTML code. Make sure your email design matches what you mean to send for every client, whether they’re on Microsoft or Apple operating systems. Other programs are just a quick Google search away.

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Explore beyond compatibility testing

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of email compatibility testing.

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