Email ID Validation For Better Email Delivery

Make sure you have valid emails from the start. You can integrate email ID validation into your web forms to correct bad addresses before they hurt your list.

The Importance of Email ID Validation

Email list verification is a helpful tool to make sure you have valid emails from the start. About one-fifth of legitimate business emails never appear in the targeted inbox. Using an email validator, you can build an email list free of invalid email addresses and have a better chance of being in the 80%.


Email Address Validation through API

This is where Mailgun’s email verification service comes to the rescue. It’s designed to validate email addresses submitted through forms like newsletters, registrations, and shopping carts. The service validates email addresses based on advanced features like mailbox detection, syntax checks, spell checks, and local-part grammar specific to the domain name of the email service provider. All of this happens thanks to Mailgun’s real-time API for developers. This email verification service gives you confidence that your email list will be full of valid emails and not bad data.


What's An Invalid Email Address?

At this point, you might be wondering what qualifies as an invalid email address and what qualifies as a valid email address. An invalid email address is either improperly formatted or just doesn’t exist. A valid email address, of course, is one that’s properly formatted and does exist.

Let’s look at five examples of valid email addresses:


Now, here are five examples of invalid email addresses:

  • (missing username)
  • (missing @)
  • (leading dot is not permitted)
  • email@domain (missing top-level domain like .com or .net)
  • (leading dash in front of domain is invalid)

These are simple email ID mistakes that can easily be avoided when you verify email addresses with an email checker.

An Email Tool that Saves Money

The examples above show a few of the differences between an invalid address and a valid one. Mailgun’s email validation API takes the guesswork out of email address validation, so you don’t have to manually sift through your list. It’s the only email deliverability solution combining an email verification tool with an email delivery product.

This combination saves you money over the long haul. With email validations that verify an email address actually exists, you won’t waste money sending to temporary or disposable mailboxes, role-based email addresses (like info@), or bad email formats. Over time, this protects the reputation of your domain and IP address, reduces bounces, and offers a higher delivery rate.

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Making Email More Manageable and More Profitable

One of the best things about Mailgun’s email address validator is you can try it out for free. It costs nothing to sign up for Mailgun. Right from the start, you get email analytics, five days of log retention, and 24×7 ticket support. Simply put, Mailgun’s email verification tool helps make email marketing more manageable and more profitable.

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