An email validator that catches bad email addresses in real-time

You’ve spent so much time on your email marketing program — the last thing you need is a bad email address to keep your emails from the inbox. Get a three-step email validation check for each email address on your mailing list. Our validator tool proactively protects your reputation and boosts delivery rates.

Improve your sender reputation and results with an email validator

Are your emails underperforming?

It might be your deliverability.

Sending to bad email addresses not only wastes your time — it hurts your sender reputation and may even land you on a blocklist, causing your email campaigns to get sent straight to spam.

Nobody wants that.

When you make sure your message is reaching valid emails with an email address validator, you’ll see a dramatic rise in open rates, click-throughs, and delivered emails. And it’s an incredibly simple tool to integrate wherever you collect email addresses. Mailgun’s email verification tool allows you to send marketing and transactional messages with accuracy and integrity.

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Mailgun Goes Beyond RFC Rules

Based on billions of sent emails, Mailgun’s email verifier performs a three-step email validation check for each email address in real-time. Upload a CSV file of your email list or use our API:

  • We check email accounts against the mailbox provider. RFC spells out the formal rules for email addresses. But in the real world, email service providers sometimes accept addresses that aren’t RFC-valid and reject addresses that are. Mailgun built its validator on both real-world data and RFC specifications to provide more accurate email validation.

  • Mailgun’s email address validator also factors in custom ESP grammar against Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and more. All major ESPs have their own custom grammar and syntax rules, affecting whether an email address is valid for that mailbox provider. The tool also adds custom grammar checks once new rules are discovered.

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Mailgun’s email verification process keeps your sender reputation flawless

A bad sender reputation leads to 75% of all email delivery problems.

With Mailgun, you’ll never have to worry. Our email validator makes sure:

  • Your organization gains a strong sender score with top ISPs, so your IP addresses and domain names have a positive reputation. Plus, you’ll be able to easily stay compliant with data privacy and cybersecurity laws like GDPR and CAN-SPAM.

  • Your web forms catch errors and bad addresses before they cause a delivery problem. Email list cleaning is done from the start when you integrate Mailgun’s API-driven email verification service into signup forms.

  • Hard bounces directly impact your deliverability. Removing bad email addresses makes sure your bounce rate goes down thanks to the removal of spelling mistakes, temporary addresses, and disposable emails.

Don’t fall into a spam trap — Mailgun’s email verification tool has you covered

Mailgun validates more than 200 million email addresses each month. Our intelligent email verification API includes the following useful features as part of our email validation service:

  • Mailbox Verification. For supported mailbox providers, Mailgun checks whether a mailbox exists on the target domain. This safeguard can also detect typos and catch-all addresses.

  • Role-Based Address Check. For all validation requests, Mailgun designates whether an email address is a “role-based address” like admin@ or sales@. These are often distribution lists that can result in a high spam complaint rate and are best kept off your mailing list.

  • Disposable Email Address Detection. Disposable mailboxes are commonly used to commit fraud. Mailgun’s verification process can tell whether the email address is on a known disposable mailbox provider. You then can take action based on your own risk assessments.

  • Reporting Dashboard. You can track your usage of the validation API by day and hour within the Mailgun Control Panel. Find specific information on the number of valid and invalid email addresses along with the types of API calls that have been done.

  • Rate Limiting of Validation API Key. Rate limits on the validation API key can be put in place to manage costs and prevent abuse.

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Validate 5,000 email addresses a month during your free Flex trial

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Separate the good email addresses from the bad ones and more with Mailgun

Mailgun has a variety of features to make sure you have good email addresses and well-received emails. We can help you manage technical requirements like DNS, SMTP, and MX records, avoid greylisting and blocklists, and optimize your deliverability so mail servers know that you are who you say you are — and that your subscribers want to receive those emails you’ve worked so hard on.

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