Mailgun vs SendGrid

Mailgun Is the Smarter Choice

You don’t need to send millions of emails to have an expert on your side.
Mailgun helps senders of all sizes optimize their email strategy for greater deliverability to reach the inbox.

  • Pricing with no overage penalties
    Get great deliverability with simple pricing and volume discounts
  • Detailed logs stored for 30 days
    We understand how important logs are when researching deliverability issues – that’s why we store the full raw MIME at no additional cost
  • A suite of powerful deliverability tools – free!
    From email validation to reputation monitoring, we provide all the tools to optimize deliverability at no additional cost

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Customized Delivery Plan

Customized Delivery Plan

If 100% deliverability is your goal, we need to talk. Great deliverability is about sending the right emails, to the right people, the right way.

The first thing we’ll do when you sign up is conduct a unique and customized discovery session with your team. We’ll then provide you with a detailed delivery plan based on the unique aspects of your business.

Proactive Email Reputation Management

Sending 10s of millions or 100s of millions of emails a month requires an extra level of diligence to maintain a positive sending reputation. A single misstep can send a big part of your email to spam.

Our proactive approach can help you avoid these costly mistakes without the need for expensive certifications.

Email Reputation
Email Performance

Your Email Performance, Analyzed and Optimized

We use sophisticated tools to zero in on potential problems before they affect your deliverability.

We use these insights to provide ongoing recommendations to increase your performance.

Other Great Features of Managed Email

  • Deliverability and recipient engagement management
  • IP allocation management
  • Managed IP warmup
  • Reputation monitoring & consulting
  • Sending infrastructure consulting
  • Email tracking and testing consulting
  • Custom reverse DNS on all your IPs
  • Dedicated IP subnets with bursting to high quality shared IPs

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