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Mailgun vs Sendgrid

You don’t need to send 5+ million emails every month to have an email expert on your side. Mailgun helps senders of all sizes optimize their email strategy for greater deliverability to reach the inbox.

Keep sending at your own pace

With a Sendgrid account, you get 40,000 emails free in your first 30 days – but that volume quickly drops to 100 monthly emails. Great email deliverability doesn’t happen quickly. At Mailgun, you can take your time on figuring out how much email you really need to send and if a dedicated IP address is the right choice with a variety of different plans to choose from. We won’t force you to spend more than you need to or charge you to store contacts on your mailing list.

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Protect your sending reputation from bad email addresses

Mailgun makes it easy to prevent deliverability issues and stay off a blocklist. We’ve built an email verification service into our email delivery platform, so you can keep your contact data clean and simplify list management tasks. Know if an email address has a typo, if it’s disposable, or if it might affect your delivery rates before sending your next email marketing campaign. SendGrid recently launched their own validation product but it's still very early stages. Mailgun's validation product is much more mature in it's lifecycle which could lead to better and faster results.

Expert services

Who's monitoring your email reputation?

Do you know who is daily monitoring your IPs and email sending reputation? Get an expert on your side with Mailgun's Deliverability Services. Don’t wait until you learn the hard way, you need to have someone daily looking out for your email deliverability reputation.

Track the performance of your marketing email

Not all email providers give you insights into how your messages are doing once they land in the inbox. Mailgun lets you measure the business impact of your email campaigns with a/b testing, using tags on your email templates for real-time analytics. Know how your messages are rendering on different desktop clients like Outlook, Gmail, and more.

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Access expert services from day 1

With Mailgun’s email service and customer support, you can count on a deliverability team to take you through the onboarding process and beyond. Whether you’re just starting out with email or you’re looking to grow your business, Mailgun works with you to customize a sending plan that makes it easy to scale your marketing and transactional email over time. It’s more than a support team on standby. Have peace of mind knowing your Technical Account Manager is a phone call away, proactively monitoring your IP address, domain reputation, and email infrastructure in real time. At SendGrid, this standard of dedicated service is reserved for senders with deep pockets and very high volume – leaving a small business to fend for itself.

Explore beyond Sendgrid

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies with large lists and bulk sending needs.

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