Advanced email analytics

Measure success

Gather actionable insights so every message you send performs better than the last.

Email analytics

Email campaign insights shouldn’t be buried under a mountain of meaningless metrics. With a flexible statistics view for your entire email traffic, you’re able to view your email program based on opens, clicks, or other engagement metrics. Whether you like to analyze the data with one particular team or share it across your company, we’re equipped to make it happen.

Illustration of the statistics and delivery rate of an email campaign.
Illustration of email logs for an email campaign.

Email logs

Go beyond basic troubleshooting by proactively using email logs to detect patterns and irregularities across all of your messages. Is a particular domain seeing a high bounce rate during a specific date or time range, or are your recipient addresses the culprit? Build a reputation to be proud of by detecting deliverability issues through email logs.

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