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Looking to pair Mailgun with your Zapier account? There are a variety of zaps that you can use to make the most of your email sending experience.



Ever in a situation where you’re using two awesome applications to run your business but they don’t integrate, causing inefficiencies in your workflow process? And to integrate requires development work but your developers are busy working on product features so you just continue to work inefficiently. What a headache! Zapier, a Mailgun customer, solves this very problem. With Zapier, you can connect your awesome web applications to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks – minus the development work.

Scaled from zero to millions

Also a fellow YC company, Zapier shares the same philosophy as Mailgun – simplify. It’s no surprise they started using Mailgun to send email right from the beginning. They needed to be able to send transactional emails to their users for things like password resets, sign up confirmation, alerts about their integrations, etc. When we caught up with Wade Foster, co-founder of Zapier, he said he set it up once and doesn’t really have to think about it,

“The Mailgun API is straightforward. Everything just works. It scales nicely. We haven’t had any problems, which is what you want from a service like Mailgun.”


In the early Zapier days, they weren’t sending or catching very much email. In the last month, over four years later, they have been able to send over two million emails and catch over one million embed emails seamlessly.

Zapier uses Mailgun for a variety of other use cases including their Zapier Parser email tool that takes advantage of Mailgun’s inbound feature. You can use this tool to create a mailbox and all emails sent to the mailbox will be parsed and extracted data saved and accessible in your Zapier dashboard.

Mailgun Integrations

Mailgun also integrates nicely with Zapier. You don’t have to set up any code to hook Mailgun up with over 400 apps. Check it out here.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular Mailgun Zaps:

Wufoo Firebase Webhooks SurveyMonkey Slack Google Forms

Click here to see all the integrations for Mailgun.

Don’t see a Mailgun integration for an application you use? Create a Zapier account for free and get zapping!

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