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How to send transactional email in a NodeJS app using the Mailgun API

Sending transactional emails is easy regardless of your tools. If you use a NodeJS helper library, this walkthrough will help you get set up in Mailgun. Read more...

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Which SMTP port should I use? Understanding ports 25, 465 & 587

Which SMTP port should you use — port 25, port 465, or port 587? Click to learn more about Mailgun's guide to understanding SMTP ports...

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12 tips for email rendering across different email clients and devices

You’ve worked with an email designer to create a great email marketing campaign. You’ve made sure your mailing list is up to date. Now it’s time to get sending. But wait — why are...

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TLS Basics: What is TLS connection control?

What would you discuss over a secure line? Some James Bondian plans?  Chances are, you’d more likely be doing something mundane, like scheduling your next meeting or online...

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Supporting equitable access to reproductive and family care

SCOTUS’ recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade sets the stage for what will inevitably create additional pressure on a health and family care system already lacking the stability...

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