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Sending millions of job alerts 24/7 with the Mailgun email API

Mailgun recently caught up with Graham Everitt over at Quantum Response Network to learn more about how his team sends transactional email around the clock. Read more...



Transactional marketing emails are an important part of everyday business, and when done correctly they can even bring people closer to their dream job. 

We recently had the chance to catch up with Graham Everitt over at Quantum Response Network to learn more about how his team sends transactional email around the clock. Graham had a few words to share on the role deliverability plays in the success of their global job sites:

Can you tell me more about what Quantum Response Network does?

We’re in the online recruitment space and send promotional emails to over one million active users in EMEA, APAC, and North America. We run a number of job sites. Each uses a slightly different business model, but effectively we operate as an affiliate to the biggest publishers in the global recruitment market sector. 

What does your typical sending schedule for email look like?

We start sending emails at 3 am in the users’ local time. As we are a multi-national service this means we are pretty much sending around the clock, about 1.2 million emails per day.

Were there any hurdles that Mailgun helped you overcome?

After looking at the Mailgun API documentation, we could see that the API and the way we could communicate with it were designed to make high volume sending efficient. What was taking our previous partner 29 hours to send took Mailgun fewer than 2 hours. Once we integrated, we found that Mailgun’s API could cope with any volume that we could throw at it.

What were the changes in email performance that you saw from working with Mailgun?

We’ve seen improved deliverability and increased consistency of results. We have been able to grow our monthly email sessions by 95% since working with Mailgun, something we wouldn’t have been able to achieve with our previous partner.

Do you have an interesting comment about your relationship as a Mailgun customer?

Knowledge and enthusiasm for the marketing channel, the industry, and the product flow strongly through everyone that we’ve worked with at Mailgun. This really set them apart from the competition during our very first discussion and continues to do so every time we engage with our account management team.

But there’s more to this story. Check out what Graham and the team at Mailgun did to get Quantum Response Network sending email 13 times faster than what they were able to do before.

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