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Exciting News At Google: Introducing BIMI Support & Google Postmaster API

There is some exciting news happening on the Google front! This week, Google announced some new security features for the G Suite, and one of the most exciting ones is a pilot of BIMI, an email specification that allows brand logos to display within authenticated emails. Companies and Gmail users will now be able to benefit from this email authentication standard, which will help brands gain their contacts’ trust. 

Kate Nowrouzi
4 min read
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Email’s Best of 2019

If you were to look back at digital communications a decade or two ago, you would find that email dominated the market – not text. The email has evolved from a 1:1 communication channel to one that is largely used for marketing messages. People have moved away from using email as a way to contact someone and instead moved their chatter to other platforms like SMS, Slack, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Kate Nowrouzi
4 min read
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BIMI – More Than A Funny Name

If I told you there was a way you could gain more trust with your recipients for free, you’d be on board, right? It’s easy to understand why people jump at the opportunity to increase their brand reputation because the relationship between your brand and your recipients is extremely important. The more your recipients trust your brand, the more likely they will engage with your messaging.

Nick Schafer
5 min read

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