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When Transactional Email Preps 4 Million Contracts For E-Signature Every Month

Transactional emails spring people to action – especially when they’re the only thing standing in the way of happy clients and their dream home. For senders like SIGNiX, reliability is critical to successfully process e-signatures on time.

Mailgun Team
2 min read
  • Case Studies

How Cinemark utilized Mailgun to streamline their customer service experience

Cinemark was able to utilize Mailgun's Email Validation API to provide real-time corrections on misspelled email addresses, allowing Cinemark users to select the correct email, rather than submitting one that doesn't exist.

Natalie Hays
3 min read
  • Customer Success

Embracing Growth - The Omnisend Story

Omnisend needed to find a new solution that provided a seamless enduser experience. They needed to be more than just another end-user of an email platform; they needed a partner. Find out why they choose Mailgun.

Natalie Hays
4 min read
  • Customer Success

How Dribbble Improved Connection & Scalable Sending With Mailgun

As the largest designer-oriented jobs community, Dribbble enables designers to display and share their work with peers and companies alike. As their community grew, Dribbble needed an email solution that would allow them to scale without any delays or outages. The Dribbble story is a relatable one for any modern business. By learning about their onboarding experience, you can rest assured that the improvements are worth the development time and transition process.

Natalie Hays
5 min read

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