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Email Blasts: The Dos And Many Don’ts Of Mass Email Sending

Email blasts are the undisputed powerhouses of email campaigns. Both transactional and marketing email messages can rely on sending massive amounts of email all at once. However, email blasts gone wrong will land in spam folders faster than a hacker can crack a four-digit password. How exactly should you go about sending an email blast? We’ll show you the best (and worst) practices for mass email sending.

Mailgun Team
8 min read
  • Best Practices

COVID-19 Email Communications Dos and Don’ts

As COVID-19 expands rapidly across the globe, we are observing more brands try to send email communications to their subscribers about the pandemic and how it is impacting their business. Even though all brands are affected one way or another, certain industries need to send critical updates to their customers, such as travel, hospitality, and the entertainment industry, with regards to cancelations, refund policies, and change fees.

Kate Nowrouzi
4 min read

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