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Mailgun Validations Features Improved Performance for EU Customers

We are excited to announce that Mailgun Validations are now available in the EU. Our validations service was already the fastest and most accurate in the industry, and now our EU customers can enjoy even better performance than they were seeing before.  

Peter Trinder
2 min read
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Well, This Is Awkward — Dealing With A Sudden Blacklisting

“This sucks. Blacklists suck. What is going on over at Barracuda? What did I do? This isn’t right!” – Senders and ESPs everywhere this past week.

Mailgun Team
3 min read
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Support Around The Clock — Solving For A 24/7 Support Model

Email issues don’t wait for you to be ready for them; they just happen sometimes. To ensure we’re providing prompt support whenever it’s needed, we have 24/7 coverage to address any urgent issues that arise.

Ben Jeffery
5 min read
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Easy DIY For Your Mailgun Account

When you have an issue that pops up unexpectedly, there’s always a sense of urgency to get it resolved quickly – and somehow the minutes just seem to drag on. You can’t get going fast enough, and you’re reaching for something – anything – that might help you.

Mailgun Team
3 min read
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Weekly Product Update: Support Center And Improvements To Domains And Events APIs

This week we worked on a few things that we think will make a big impact for customers, particularly our shiny new Support Center. We also made some improvements to the Domains and Events APIs. So without further ado:

Mailgun Team
4 min read

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