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Sendwithus turns Mailgun into a fully featured marketing platform

Sendwithus turns Mailgun into a full-featured growth marketing platform through their seamless integration.



Mailgun customers appreciate features like our sending infrastructure optimized for fast sending and detailed logs allowing users to look back at messages for 30 days. Templates are something that is not available for storage within Mailgun’s control panel, however, we know many of our customers use templates for a variety of emails to save on time and resources. integrates nicely with Mailgun and is a great platform to create and manage your email templates. Sendwithus turns Mailgun into a full-featured growth marketing platform that makes it easy to:

  • Create, update, test and roll back changes to email templates as often as desired without having to wait on developer resources, app updates being pushed, or advanced HTML experts

  • Trigger emails within the app using a modern REST API with full support for all popular web languages, coupled with an advanced templating language that includes conditionals, looping and more.

  • Create named fragments of HTML called ‘snippets’ that allows easy reuse of common elements such as headers, footers, CAN-SPAM info, unsubscribe links, etc.

  • Host images for your HTML templates, served from a fast content delivery network

  • Leverage advanced reporting and analytics to easily see who was sent, received, opened and clicked each email and when

  • Optimize the effectiveness of their email templates through easy-to-use A/B testing that allows marketers to continuously improve open, click through and conversion rates

  • Set up personalized on-boarding drip campaigns to drive higher conversion rates through each stage of the funnel

  • Localize email templates to leverage global growth opportunities through seamless integration with Smartling, a leading translation platform

  • Preview what emails will look like on a wide variety of devices and email clients through built-in integration with Litmus

We have customers like BuildZoom using both Sendwithus and Mailgun so they can take advantage of Mailgun’s sending features and the marketing features from Sendwithus. Sofie Graham with BuildZoom quotes,

“Sendwithus and Mailgun give me everything I need to quickly create, test and monitor every aspect of my email campaigns; from A/B testing and drip campaigns to domain performance and deliverability. Their customer service is also incredibly responsive, it’s like having an entire team of email experts in our office!”

Sendwithus also provides a broad collection of open source email templates that you can use as a starting point for your own templates. They’ve recently added two new open source email template themes, “Meow” (fully responsive, based on the ZURB framework) and “Goldstar” (from the talented team at MailBakery). Check them out.

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