What we've been up to: Mailgun's 2019 year in review

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2019 has been a landmark year for Mailgun, so we wanted to take a moment and reflect on what the year has brought us and preview some things to look forward to in 2020! This year we launched new products, redesigned our control panel UI, and had a few other exciting changes. Read on for a quick overview of 2019. 

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A redesigned email verifications product

Version 4 of our email verifications product launched this year, and with it came bulk validations. We compiled a ton of user feedback around how to best validate emails in bulk, so we tried to make it as fast and easy to use as possible. Because 23% of emails can change within a year, it's crucial to frequently validate your email list to get the best performance possible. Our validation product is now the fastest in the industry, and the results are powered by our internal data from sending billions of emails every month. 

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A beautiful new control panel

Our old control panel hadn't changed in years and was overdue for a new look. We didn't just want to make it look better; we also wanted to make it easier to use. Each primary function ("Messages," "Routes," and "Validations") now have their own group in the navigation menu. We also added better insights and charts to more clearly display important information, like bounce rates and delivery rates. The billing section also got an overhaul with the ability to see detailed usage stats each cycle.

Supporting student developers

Mailgun joined GitHub's student developer pack this year. It was important for us to support student developers as part of our commitment to being the email service for all developers. Students can now get access to more free emails for their class projects, side hustles, or building that cat facts newsletter they always dreamed of. 

A 2020 preview

We just wrapped up two beta trials for our new products, Inbox Placement and Send Time Optimization.

Inbox Placement provides insight into where your emails are landing within the mailbox for a variety of different providers. For example, you're able to see what % of emails landed in the inbox, spam, or promotional folders. It helps take the guesswork of where your emails are landing, so you can pinpoint problems before you send to your entire list. 

Send Time Optimization helps deliver your emails at the perfect time. It uses machine learning to analyze your recipients' email engagement data to determine the optimal time to send them an email. Each individual will receive the email when they're most likely to engage with it, leaving you at the top of the inbox.

Wrapping up

The entire Mailgun team helped contribute to the success this year, and we're grateful for every Mailgun customer that helped us get here. We're excited to continue growing into 2020 by building the world's most relied on email service. 

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