Weekly product update: Mailgun default SMTP config for Rackspace Managed Cloud plus better search on docs

Mailgun becomes the default SMTP config for Rackspace Managed Cloud accounts, read more...



Happy Friday everyone. We’ve got two updates to share with you today. First, we’re happy to announce that Mailgun is now the default SMTP config for all Rackspace Managed Cloud customers. So if you’re a Rackspace customer using Managed Cloud, your server images will now automatically be enabled to use Mailgun. A little closer to home, we also improved the search capabilities of our docs using an awesome tool we discovered called Swiftype.

All Rackspace Managed Cloud accounts now automatically configured to use Mailgun

We recently announced that Mailgun was available directly from within the Rackspace Cloud control panel. We’ve taken that integration one step further this week by making Mailgun the default SMTP config for all of Rackspace Managed Cloud accounts. Managed Cloud is a combination of all of Rackspace’s OpenStack-based cloud products (Servers, Storage, Networks, etc) plus a team of dedicated system administers to do all the grunt work of keeping those services up and running. Most developers CAN patch their own servers, but that doesn’t make it fun. So the Managed Cloud team does that and a ton of other things so developers can focus on coding their app, not admining their infrastructure. Now, starting this week all Managed Cloud configs will come with Mailgun configured by default, so if you’re building a complex e-commerce site like the one pictured below, all your emails will automatically be delivered by Mailgun.

Way better search on Mailgun docs thanks to Swiftype

Our documentation is built using Sphinx, a really easy to use and powerful documentation generator. Unfortunately, the search functionality has a few holes which provide lackluster search results for our users. You’ve probably noticed this and we’re sorry. The search was really bad. Luckily, we’ve fixed it this week thanks to our friends at Swiftype who offer a product that replaces any existing site search with a robust, feature-rich solution that literally installs within a few minutes.

The installation was a short 20 lines of code! After the search crawler visited our site, it indexed all published documents and immediately began serving relevant search results. You now get robust search results directly from the existing search input box. Props to the Swiftype team for a great product! If you have feedback about the new search, leave us a comment.

Till next week!

Happy sending,

The Mailgunners

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