Mailgun + Sendwithus Google hangout recording

In this hangout, Kelly from Sendwithus gave a demo of the Sendwithus platform and illustrated how you can use your Mailgun API with them. Read more...



This Google hangout was recorded in 2016.

In this hangout, Kelly from Sendwithus gave a demo of the Sendwithus platform and illustrated how you can use your Mailgun API key to take advantage of the cool marketing features Sendwithus has to offer.

To sign up for a Sendwithus account, go here:

Sendwithus – Mailgun Webinar from Kelly Kenney


Q: Can users upload their own templates to the Sendwithus platform? A: Yes. Sendwithus provides a series of templates that you can use or you can also upload your own customized templates. Learn more here:

Q: How can users add an ‘unsubscribe’ button to their messages? A: Mailgun can keep track of every time a recipient requests to be unsubscribed from your mailings. If you enable unsubscribe tracking, Mailgun will insert unsubscribe links and remove those recipients from your mailings automatically for you. Learn more here:

Q: Is there special pricing for Sendwithus and Mailgun. A: You can access pricing for Mailgun here: and Sendwithus pricing here:

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