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Mailgun’s UserVoice has a new face

We’ve renewed our partnership with UserVoice and made some updates all around as far as look, feel, and the process for submitting a request overall. Read more...



As many of you know, we have a feedback and feature suggestion website with UserVoice. What’s better is that we’ve recently renewed our partnership with UserVoice and made a couple of updates all around as far as look, feel, and the process for submitting a request overall.

The importance of feedback

We first partnered with UserVoice back in 2012 when Mailgun was still under Rackspace, and we’re still going strong. Since then, we’ve collected over 500 new ideas and feature requests to better improve Mailgun over time.

With UserVoice, we are able to collect data, see how many users support/upvote different suggestions, and make improvements to our products based on the numbers presented. Backed by true data and interactions, this integration is a benefit for any tech company, especially one like Mailgun. Your feedback and feature requests help us improve our products, and what we might consider building in the future.

What we’ve built

You’re probably wondering:  “What changes has Mailgun made based directly on feedback alone?” Well, the vast majority of our feature improvements, new ideas, and additional changes come directly from your feedback! Here are a few examples of requests we’ve completed to date:

A Paid Support Option

In 2016, we received a suggestion to have some kind of immediate support on our platform. Around that time we shuffled around our pricing structure and added our Scale plan which comes with Instant Phone and Chat Support. If you ever decide to upgrade, keep in mind that you will be charged a pro-rated amount if you upgrade in the middle of the month.

Export Suppressions, Unsubscribes, Bounces, and Logs

 Back in 2012, there was a suggestion to add a feature to our Dashboard which allows for immediate exports of data into a CSV file. It took a bit of time to build out, but that option is currently available for data from the Suppressions tab and Mailing Lists tab in your Mailgun Control Panel.

Support for 2FA

We know what you’re thinking, how could a company that deals with secure information like emails not support 2FA? Cybersecurity has always been our priority, so we were happy to implement support for 2FA when Mailgun user Nick suggested it. Now we recommend every Mailgun user enable it for an extra layer of security.

Ability to purge the queue 

In times of email emergency it’d be nice if there was a reset button, and in 2013 we realized not having that button was like throwing gasoline on a fire. That’s when we added a “Clear Domain Queue” button for each domain you utilize in an effort to mitigate any sort of emergency. This clears all scheduled messages for the domain and prevents you from being charged for excess messages in the rare instance that something breaks.


Many Mailgun users have never seen our platform without our tracking features but believe it or not, a few years ago we didn’t offer nearly half the amount of tracking features we have now. Marc, another Mailgun user, suggested we offer the option of tracking without the direct use of webhooks or APIs. You can now track email usage by individual domain along with plenty more advanced analytics — all within your Mailgun Control Panel.

The thing is, feedback isn’t always like shouting into the void — we listen. If you’re a seasoned Mailgunner, it’s easy to see we’ve progressed quite a lot over the span of just a few years and we want to continue growing through user suggestion.

Help us out

Now that you’ve seen what we do with suggestions, what ideas do you have in mind for Mailgun?

In tech, the best improvements happen when great ideas are put out there, and we want to hear from you. If you’ve never submitted a request or suggestion before, let’s walk you through the process:

How to submit feedback and feature requests: 

  1. Visit our UserVoice site

  2. Make sure you’re logged into your Mailgun account.

  3. Select one of the seven topics listed.

  4. Start typing your suggestion into the search bar. If another request or suggestion matches yours it will populate, otherwise fill out your Category and Description and select “Post Idea”.

  5. You’ll be prompted to log in once you select “Post Idea” but you will have the option to post anonymously if you’d rather not create an account.

  6. Should your idea escalate to our development team, you’ll be notified via email of the status change.

Nice, right? It’s very simple to use.  Plus, our UserVoice page has gotten a fresh new look with the partnership renewal. We went from this: 

To this (so shiny):

Expect a few more changes to come to the UserVoice page in the coming months but for now, we hope you enjoy the new and improved feedback and feature requests site.

Happy sending y’all!

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